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 **SCREENCAPS COMING SOON** Only one more episode to go after this and I have no idea what I’ll do once it’s over (other than start another drama).  Anyways, last week’s episode ended with a phone-call from Souhei’s mom.  Apparently she wants him to move out and leave the boarding house to come back home!

Realizing that Miku is eavesdropping on their conversation, Souhei tells his mom that he’ll call her back later.  Upon him hanging up, Miku makes her way over to the railing that separates the two and asks him if he’ll be leaving.  He tells her that his mom just told him to come home, but he’ll take a few days to think about it since he really doesn’t want to move out.  After that he heads inside leaving Miku alone outside.

“A tomorrow without Souhei.  I haven’t even thought about it.”

At the park where Kou practicing we see he and Hayato hard at work, when Souhei emerges.  He asks if he can borrow Hayato for a little but, though Hayato really doesn’t look like he wants to go; he does though.  Once they’re sitting down Souhei tells him that he and Miyuki broke up and how he’d gotten a phone call from his mom the other day – apparently she was crying.  He tells Hayato that all this time he’s just been running away from reality and that he probably needs to face it more and humbly Hayato agrees.

Meanwhile Miku is out shopping with her friends, however she’s spacing out.  Ami and Fumiko ask her if it’s because something happened with Hayato, but she tells them no – after all nothing really happened between them other than him being jealous but Miku doesn’t even know THAT much.  Instead her minds too preoccupied on Souhei and his life issues.

Speaking of which Souhei and Miyuki meet up briefly to return books and CDs that they borrowed from one another when they were dating.  Needless to say the scene is over pretty quick and the two simply talk like normal people.

Later on at the soccer field we see Arata and Takeru talking about the break up.  And like you’d expect Arata teases telling Takeru that now’s his chance since Miyuki is free. However, they don’t know that they have company Haruka, you know the girl who’s been crushing on Souhei, is eavesdropping and hears all the news she needs to.  And just like you’d expect she calls him out.

Souhei asks her if something’s wrong since she normally doesn’t call him out like that, and she tells him that it’s him who’s hurt.   He tells her he’s fine and forces a smile that only causes her to pity him even more as she leans in a kisses him.

While that’s all going on Miku is just arriving home and as she’s about to go to her room she heads over to creep on Souhei’s instead – probably still worried about if he’s going to leave or not.

Once the kiss is over, Haruka confesses too to top it off. This time though, Souhei get’s up like a bolt of lightning and instantly bows as he apologizes.  Haruka asks if she won’t do, but all he does is say sorry once more before darting off.

At the boarding house Miku is having a girl chat over love since she’s really not sure what she’s feeling at the moment.

Fumiko: “To like someone means thinking about that person makes you smile. You become noisy; you become jealous over little things, it’s suffocating and you want to cry. It’s a feeling that you, yourself, can’t even do anything to stop.”

However, the conversation is cut short once again as Souhei’s voice rings out from below.  He’s just come back.  Miku hesitant at first lowers her phone and simply tries to avoid him, until he says he’s back once more, thus, sending a welcome back from her as a small smile slowly creeps across her face.  Her mind stating…

“There is only one love.”

Out in the garden, Miku’s dad is trimming away as Souhei comes out and asks him why he’s doing it. He tells him that for some of the small plants there, cutting off the excess twigs and sides are necessary to help them grow.  That being said, Miku’s dad offers him a go at trimming them.  After taking in what he’s saying Souhei accepts the cutters with pleasure.

In the kitchen Miku’s mom drops a bombshell as she tells Miku that Souhei is indeed going to be leaving them due to a situation at his house.  Then to top it off, he’ll be leaving before the end of the summer break.

“Souhei is going to be gone.”

With nighttime rolling in we see Souhei out on his balcony his eyes drifting over to Miku’s.  Inside her room Miku is sitting with her cell phone open and a picture of her and Hayato’s first real date is on the screen.

“Even though, I meant to overwrite love with love…” she begins to say as she realizes just who she loves the most as a single tear falls from her cheek and lands on the screen.  “So my love is Souhei.”

Assuming it’s the next day, she calls Hayato out and the two meet up.  He asks why she called him out, but Miku is at a loss for words.   Breaking up with people is never easy after all especially if their feelings were genuine.  Luckily for her, Hayato is observant and says the line for her.

Hayato:  “Let us be over with. That’s what you wanted to say, right?  I knew it because everything shows on your face.”

That being said, Miku nods uncomfortably before her eyes fixate back on him and she begins to speak.

Miku: “It was all… It was all Hayato.”
Hayato: “Eh?”
Miku: “The one that said he liked me, and the one that went out with me. Dates, holding hands.  Hayato was the first for all of it.”

The scene isn’t as crazy as the Miyuki/Souhei break up but it’s still pretty emotional since you can just see the hurt in Hayato’s expressions, especially when he looks up at the sky while he takes in her words.  But it ended peacefully.  With both of them looking at one another uncomfortably like they always did as small smiles appeared here and there.

With Souhei leaving soon it’s only natural for the boarding house to throw him a going away party – and that’s what they did.  During the party, Souhei get’s to make a speech, which he uses as a time to confess about him running away from reality.  Apparently after his parents got divorces his mom got really tense and it was just hard being together.  However, when she called the other day he felt bad because she sounded so lonely.  The party soon loosens back up though when Kiyoka teases Naohara for tearing up over the speech. All the while, Miku is sneaking glances at Souhei.

That night, Miku enters the room with two glasses of tea as she sees Souhei sitting out on the porch.  Offering him a glass she joins him and takes a seat right next to him.   The two start small talk with the te and eventually go on about how summer is ending.

Hearing the chime Miku looks up and remembers she still has to give him back his wind chime.  However, when she tells him she has to get it, he tells her it’s alright, and that she can put it up next year.  That thought alone causes Miku to smile as she thanks him.

“But Souhei won’t be here then… This close distance, this atmosphere, and this house with Souhei.  It all ends today.”

With that realization, Miku loses control and tears begin to flow as she grips a hold of Souhei’s arm, pulling it toward her and resting her head.

“Don’t go.  Please don’t go.”

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