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Listed below is a detailed list of dramas I'm watching, have watched, or dropped.  (Any with numbers after them indicate where I stopped at) 
If I fully enjoyed one of these on the list I might re-watch and recap it - it really just all depends on my time.  If you see a drama in my currently watching list you'd like me to cover please let me know and I'll try and pick it up while I watch it.
 Currently Watching:

My Love from Another Star (6)

Empress Ki (5)

Passionate Love (18)

 Dropped for now

Prince Hours (8)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (15)

Smile, You (3)

Fabulous Boys (1)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (6)

Full House (10)

Just You (11)

The Blade and Petal (9)

Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi (12)

Unemployed Romance (5)

Marry Him if You Dare (9)



* #’s indicate which episode I last watched *

Drama’s Seen:

Japanese Dramas:


>      1 Liter of Tears

>      1 Pound Gospel

>      Boku to Kanojo no XXX

>      Ghost Friends

>      Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2007

>      Hana Yori Dango

>      Kingyo Club

>      Koishite Akuma

>      Last Cinderella

>      Majo no Jouken

>      Nobuta wo Produce

>      Nobunaga no Chef

>      Q10

>      Sprout

>      Zettai Kareshi

>      Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo

>      Asuko March

>      Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo




>      Chance

>      Ikemen Desu Ne

>      Rich Man, Poor Woman

>      Ouran Highschool Host Club

>      Itazura na Kiss

>      Kimi wa Petto

>      Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


Korean Dramas:


>      18 vs. 29

>      49 Days

>      Big

>      Bridal Mask

>      Faith

>      Flower Boy Next Door

>      Full House

>      Heartless City

>      Hero

>      Hope for Dating

>      I Hear Your Voice

>      Master’s Sun

>      Me too, Flower

>      Nine: 9 Times Travel

>      Princess Hours

>      The Playful Kiss

>      The Princess’s Man

>      To the Beautiful You

>      Secret Garden

>      You’re Beautiful

>      Warrior Baek Dong Soo

>      Stars Falling From the Sky

>      Rooftop Prince

>      Queen In Hyun’s Man

>      Iljimae

>      I Do, I Do

>      I Love, Lee Tae Ri

>      Ma Boy

>      Nail Shop Paris

>      Two Weeks




>      Arang and the Magistrate

>      Baby-Faced Beauty

>      Boys Over Flowers

>      Cheongdamdong Alice

>      Coffee Prince

>      Dream High

>      Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

>      Full House Take 2

>      Gu Family Book (22)

>      Heart Strings

>      I Miss You

>      Let’s Get Married

>      Jeon Woo chi

>      Ojakgyo Brothers

>      Operation Proposal

>      Mary Stayed Out All Night

>      School 2013

>      Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

>      That Winter, the Wind Blows

>      The Innocent Man

>      The Moon that Embraces the Sun

>      The Strongest K-POP Survival

>      Lie to Me

Taiwan Dramas:


>      Devil Beside You

>      Fated to Love You

>      Hana Kimi

>      Hi My Sweetheart

>      It Started with a Kiss

>      Love Contract

>      Smiling Pasta

>      Summer x Summer

>      They Kiss Again

>      Tokyo Juliet


>      Absolute Boyfriend

>      Corner with Love

>      Down with Love

>      Drunken to Love You

>      Extravagant Challenge

>      In Time with You

>      Love or Bread

>      Love Buffet

>      Miss No Good

>      Romantic Princess

>      ToGetHer

>      Why, Why Love?

Chinese Dramas:


>      Bu Bu Jing Xin

>      The Secret Angel


>      Holy Pearl

Movie’s Seen:

Japanese Movies:

>      10 Promises to My Dog

>      High School Debut

>      I Give my First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu)

>      Kamikaze Girls

>      Koizora

>      Last Quarter (Kagen no Tsuki)

>      Moon Child

>      Paradise Kiss

>      Rurouni Kenshin

Korean Movies:

>      100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

>      200 Pounds Beauty

>      A Werewolf Boy

>      Heaven’s Postman

>      He was Cool

>      You Are My Pet

>      Virgin Snow


Taiwan Movies:

>      Bad Girls


Chinese Movies:

>      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

>      House of Flying Daggers

>      The Curse of the Golden Flower

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 Looking to see what drama’s I’m covering or have covered?  If so, then you came to the right place.  Here on this page you’ll be able to see a list, in alphabetical order, of all the drama’s I’m covereing or have covered in the past.   

Keep in mind I’m still fairly new so I don’t have much right now and I don’t just stick to watching ‘new’ drama’s either so if you don’t see an older drama up here at the moment, you might find it later on. ^_^


[C] – Chinese Drama

[JP] – Japanese Drama

[K] – Korean Drama

[TW] – Taiwanese Drama




















> Sprout [JP]: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12 END








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 ** SCREENCAPS COMING SOON ** This is it guys.  The finale!  And what better ways to start off an episode than with a time skip.  That’s right; we officially advanced one year in the storyline.

According to Miku it’s been a full year since Souhei left the boarding house.  And that if you asked her what went on in that one year gap, she’d have nothing to point out because nothing happened.  With the episode starting up we get to see Miku a year older and trying out a new hairstyle as she rushes off to her first day back to school after the summer’s end.

Right away the school year starts off with a love confession which Miyuki kindly rejects; to the joy of Takeru of course who just happened to be watching from the side-lines.  He and Arata get into their normal routine of teasing one another as they talk about their love plan confessions or at least Arata’s.  Apparently it consists of him getting a perm.

Back to Miku and her friends, the girls are chatting away when Hayato and Souhei cross their paths – the boys greet them (mostly Miku) like they would any old classmate without another word and Miku does the same as they keep on walking – not evening bothering to look back.

Out on the soccer field, Souhei has become team captain and makes a speech, and we get a glimpse of Kou – he made the team!

Once again with Miku and company, we find Miku teasing Ami about being all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend in a text message.  That conversation alone starts a whole other one on Miku being alright with not wanting a boyfriend.  She says its fine, but Fumiko tells her it’s just because she can’t forget her fated person – Souhei.

Just as they bring up the meeting, Miku stops and looks at where she is.  The stairs she’s at is right where she met him – her fated person.  It also happens to be the steps that lead to the soccer field where Souhei is currently playing.  Her friends try and cheer her up by telling her what she said one year ago, that having an eternal first love was a good thing.  However, Miku tells them she was mistaken.  Souhei wasn’t her fated person and that’s why even if she loves Souhei, she won’t be reunited with him.

Down on the field, Souhei notices Miku and her friends and is slightly distracted by them – until Arata calls out to him drawing him back into the game.  Afterwards when Takeru and Arata are cleaning up the two begin to wonder if Souhei really has been liking Miku this whole time – since he broke up with Miyuki and refused to date anyone afterwards.

Meanwhile, at the boarding house it seems like they’re getting ready to hold a one year anniversary party/cook out for the tenants.  To Miku’s surprise when she arrives home, Souhei’s bike is outside the house and he’s sitting right there at the table with everyone else.  Apparently Naohara called him over for the food. Happy to see him Miku kind of lingers around as her thoughts read:

“Souhei is right here. Even if it’s just that, I’m this happy.”

As her thoughts vanish, the sound of the wind chime rings out and Souhei glances over at it a smile on his face as he says, “You put that up this year too.” Which Miku replies with a head nod and massive grin.

However, the party ends soon enough and Souhei prepares to leave.  Grabbing his bike he walks slowly almost as if he’s waiting as he looks back at the door of the house.  When it opens and Miku comes running out it almost looks like he left out a breath he’d been holding in.  Reaching him she tells him she’ll walk him out.  He tells her she doesn’t have to, but Miku is persistent.  The duo walks slowly as they catch up on small talk – very small talk.  Mostly about Souhei getting captain on the soccer club.

Miku:Even though there should’ve been a lot of things I wanted to talk about, the words wouldn’t come out really well.

Reaching their designated pole of separation the two come to a stop as Miku comments about how this is the first time she’s walked him out to where they’re going to different homes.  Souhei smiles and says, “It is” before bidding her farewell and riding off into the distance.  Watching him like she often does, Miku’s thoughts kick in once more.

“We can’t go back to the summer when Souhei was here.”

The next day Miku runs into Miyuki on the way to or from school.  Seeing each other the two girls meet up and decide to sit down for a talk – once they haven’t really had in quite awhile.  And what better way to start off a conversation than Miyuki asking flat-out, “Miku-chan, you still like Sou-chan don’t you?”

Miku’s eyes bug out a little as she let outs an “Eh?” before the scene cuts over to Hayato and Souhei in the gym and a similar question – this time aimed at Souhei:  “Why won’t you go to Miku? You like her right?”

From here the scenes bounce back and forth between the girls and the guys each with them asking similar questions like – Would you mind if Miku/Souhei dates someone else?  As well as trying to push them in the right direction – to each other since it’s so obvious they’ve both been waiting for each other.

Miyuki:  “Why do you think Sou-chan broke up with me!”
Hayato: “Let me be glad that I broke up with Miku.  If she can’t become happy then I can’t.”

At that, Miku smiles over at Miyuki nods her head and grabs her bag before running off.  In the gym, Souhei does the same.  As Miku runs, we get a flashback to her memories of Souhei the year before.  Reaching the school she runs across the soccer field and begins to go up the steps, but she trips and scraps her knee.  Sitting down she examines it, and while she’s there a familiar hand reaches out to her just like before. It’s Souhei.

Hesitant, Miku waits a little before taking it.  Hand-in-hand he pulls her up to her feet and the two stare over at once another in silence their hands not letting go.

Miku: “I like Souhei.  I’ve always liked Souhei.”

Hearing the confession Souhei pulls her close and replies.

Souhei:  “Miku.  I like you.  I like you, Miku.”

The two smile as they continue to hold one another before finally pulling away as Souhei grins happily as he says, “I’ve finally said it.”

Miku: “My love and Souhei’s loved overlapped for the first time.”

After that the credits will go, but if you keep watching you’ll see more Souhei and Miku interaction as well as some final thoughts that read: “No matter when, I will never let go.  If it’s now I can strongly put it in words.” and you’ll also see one more that reads: ”My fated person…’

And that’s Sprout guys!  Can’t believe it’s finally over, but I’m really glad at how it ended. I mean I’ve been shipping Souhei and Miku the entire time, so I’m so glad they ended up together in the end. 

Though the one year time skip was kind of lame and pointless – especially since Miyuki said how the  two of them pretty much stopped time at that 1 year so it wasn’t like they were bettering themselves...

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 **SCREENCAPS COMING SOON** Only one more episode to go after this and I have no idea what I’ll do once it’s over (other than start another drama).  Anyways, last week’s episode ended with a phone-call from Souhei’s mom.  Apparently she wants him to move out and leave the boarding house to come back home!

Realizing that Miku is eavesdropping on their conversation, Souhei tells his mom that he’ll call her back later.  Upon him hanging up, Miku makes her way over to the railing that separates the two and asks him if he’ll be leaving.  He tells her that his mom just told him to come home, but he’ll take a few days to think about it since he really doesn’t want to move out.  After that he heads inside leaving Miku alone outside.

“A tomorrow without Souhei.  I haven’t even thought about it.”

At the park where Kou practicing we see he and Hayato hard at work, when Souhei emerges.  He asks if he can borrow Hayato for a little but, though Hayato really doesn’t look like he wants to go; he does though.  Once they’re sitting down Souhei tells him that he and Miyuki broke up and how he’d gotten a phone call from his mom the other day – apparently she was crying.  He tells Hayato that all this time he’s just been running away from reality and that he probably needs to face it more and humbly Hayato agrees.

Meanwhile Miku is out shopping with her friends, however she’s spacing out.  Ami and Fumiko ask her if it’s because something happened with Hayato, but she tells them no – after all nothing really happened between them other than him being jealous but Miku doesn’t even know THAT much.  Instead her minds too preoccupied on Souhei and his life issues.

Speaking of which Souhei and Miyuki meet up briefly to return books and CDs that they borrowed from one another when they were dating.  Needless to say the scene is over pretty quick and the two simply talk like normal people.

Later on at the soccer field we see Arata and Takeru talking about the break up.  And like you’d expect Arata teases telling Takeru that now’s his chance since Miyuki is free. However, they don’t know that they have company Haruka, you know the girl who’s been crushing on Souhei, is eavesdropping and hears all the news she needs to.  And just like you’d expect she calls him out.

Souhei asks her if something’s wrong since she normally doesn’t call him out like that, and she tells him that it’s him who’s hurt.   He tells her he’s fine and forces a smile that only causes her to pity him even more as she leans in a kisses him.

While that’s all going on Miku is just arriving home and as she’s about to go to her room she heads over to creep on Souhei’s instead – probably still worried about if he’s going to leave or not.

Once the kiss is over, Haruka confesses too to top it off. This time though, Souhei get’s up like a bolt of lightning and instantly bows as he apologizes.  Haruka asks if she won’t do, but all he does is say sorry once more before darting off.

At the boarding house Miku is having a girl chat over love since she’s really not sure what she’s feeling at the moment.

Fumiko: “To like someone means thinking about that person makes you smile. You become noisy; you become jealous over little things, it’s suffocating and you want to cry. It’s a feeling that you, yourself, can’t even do anything to stop.”

However, the conversation is cut short once again as Souhei’s voice rings out from below.  He’s just come back.  Miku hesitant at first lowers her phone and simply tries to avoid him, until he says he’s back once more, thus, sending a welcome back from her as a small smile slowly creeps across her face.  Her mind stating…

“There is only one love.”

Out in the garden, Miku’s dad is trimming away as Souhei comes out and asks him why he’s doing it. He tells him that for some of the small plants there, cutting off the excess twigs and sides are necessary to help them grow.  That being said, Miku’s dad offers him a go at trimming them.  After taking in what he’s saying Souhei accepts the cutters with pleasure.

In the kitchen Miku’s mom drops a bombshell as she tells Miku that Souhei is indeed going to be leaving them due to a situation at his house.  Then to top it off, he’ll be leaving before the end of the summer break.

“Souhei is going to be gone.”

With nighttime rolling in we see Souhei out on his balcony his eyes drifting over to Miku’s.  Inside her room Miku is sitting with her cell phone open and a picture of her and Hayato’s first real date is on the screen.

“Even though, I meant to overwrite love with love…” she begins to say as she realizes just who she loves the most as a single tear falls from her cheek and lands on the screen.  “So my love is Souhei.”

Assuming it’s the next day, she calls Hayato out and the two meet up.  He asks why she called him out, but Miku is at a loss for words.   Breaking up with people is never easy after all especially if their feelings were genuine.  Luckily for her, Hayato is observant and says the line for her.

Hayato:  “Let us be over with. That’s what you wanted to say, right?  I knew it because everything shows on your face.”

That being said, Miku nods uncomfortably before her eyes fixate back on him and she begins to speak.

Miku: “It was all… It was all Hayato.”
Hayato: “Eh?”
Miku: “The one that said he liked me, and the one that went out with me. Dates, holding hands.  Hayato was the first for all of it.”

The scene isn’t as crazy as the Miyuki/Souhei break up but it’s still pretty emotional since you can just see the hurt in Hayato’s expressions, especially when he looks up at the sky while he takes in her words.  But it ended peacefully.  With both of them looking at one another uncomfortably like they always did as small smiles appeared here and there.

With Souhei leaving soon it’s only natural for the boarding house to throw him a going away party – and that’s what they did.  During the party, Souhei get’s to make a speech, which he uses as a time to confess about him running away from reality.  Apparently after his parents got divorces his mom got really tense and it was just hard being together.  However, when she called the other day he felt bad because she sounded so lonely.  The party soon loosens back up though when Kiyoka teases Naohara for tearing up over the speech. All the while, Miku is sneaking glances at Souhei.

That night, Miku enters the room with two glasses of tea as she sees Souhei sitting out on the porch.  Offering him a glass she joins him and takes a seat right next to him.   The two start small talk with the te and eventually go on about how summer is ending.

Hearing the chime Miku looks up and remembers she still has to give him back his wind chime.  However, when she tells him she has to get it, he tells her it’s alright, and that she can put it up next year.  That thought alone causes Miku to smile as she thanks him.

“But Souhei won’t be here then… This close distance, this atmosphere, and this house with Souhei.  It all ends today.”

With that realization, Miku loses control and tears begin to flow as she grips a hold of Souhei’s arm, pulling it toward her and resting her head.

“Don’t go.  Please don’t go.”

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 **SCREENCAPS COMING SOON** So Miyuki is missing… And that’s where the episode picks right back up as Miku let’s everyone know at the boarding house that she never went home last night. Meanwhile out and about doing a street search we see Souhei peddling like crazy on his back as he begins to check places that she likes; his mind flashing back to his promise he made several episodes back now.  You remember, this one: “I won’t go anywhere.  I’ll always be by Miyuki’s side.”

Breathless he hits the soccer club locker room and asks Arata and Takeru if they’ve seen her at all.  The boys are surprised, and automatically begin helping in the search.  They check everywhere in the school from classrooms to the rooftop.  Meeting up with Souhei they tell him that the school security guard said he saw her in regular clothes earlier – so she must be in the area somewhere.

It’s here when Arata asks him if there was any place memorable for the two of them.  Souhei looks down, he’s got an idea.  Before long he’s off the roof with Takeru and Arata yelling after him as his mind reads: “Even though I decided that we would always be together.”

Calling Hayato, Miku tells him she still hasn’t heard any news about Miyuki and that Souhei had said they’d had a fight.  Hayato however instantly flashes back to the day before when he saw Souhei and Miku talking on the picnic table.

With his lead, Souhei rides to temple and low and behold.  There she is.  He rushes over to her and embraces her however it’s not returned at least not away.  Still catching his breath Souhei asks what she was doing and she tells him she was waiting for him.  Though she really believed he wouldn’t be able to find her.

Relieved Miku walks into Hayato’s part-time job and tells him the good news.  He offers her a drink and she accepts carefully taking a seat at a table.  However she comments how relieved Souhei must be.  Hearing her comment Hayato’s mood shifts slightly as he asks: “So the one you were worried about was Souhei?”

Panicked by his reaction she says that’s not true, but he cuts her off and leaves.  Back at the temple, we learn that the place is important for the two because it was where Souhei took her for their very first date.  The two reminisce about it as they walk along and we even get to see a flashback!  In the flashback the two are making wishes as the temple – when asked what he wished for Souhei tells her that his wish came true.  It was for them both to attend the same high-school and for her to go on a date with him. Back in the present the two are repeating their first time here by making wishes.  However, this time it’s Souhei who asks her what she wished for.

Miyuki tells him, “I wished to have my previous wish forgotten.”

Not leaving it be as the two walk away Souhei continues to ask her and Miyuki finally tells him.  Her original wish was to be with him forever.  But she took it back now.  Hearing that Souhei automatically jerks his head over towards her as he asks “Why’d you take it back!?” (haha.  His reaction was just too priceless.  Like seriously Souhei?  You have to ask her that?)

Miyuki stops and says, “Sou-chan, let’s break up.”

Meanwhile at the café Miku is taking her leave, but before she does she asks Hayato when they’ll be taking their trip to Tokyo Tower, since summer break if coming to an end.  He glances at her and just says, “I’ll contact you.”

Souhei rushes after Miyuki once again as he tells her she can’t just decide things like that on her own – the two of them are a team together.  However, she doesn’t budge in her decision as she walks on; Souhei pleading with her on how hard he’ll work to get her to like him again.

Fighting back tears, Miyuki comes to a stop as she tells him, “You don’t need to work hard.” From there she goes on to tell him that she doesn’t want him to force himself to be with her, it’s not right.  However Souhei once again is just not understanding what she means and continues to ask why.

“You were just trying to keep your promise to stay by my side forever, weren’t you?” she asks him as she continues on, “You didn’t want to betray me, so you threw away your own feelings.”  Souhei looks over at Miyuki knowing that everything she’s saying now is the truth.

She turns away and adds with a smile, “That’s stupid.  You’re like an idiot. But… I liked that Sou-chan.”

As their conversation continues Miyuki concludes that starting now, she’s going to stand on her own two feet and live a life where she doesn’t need to depend on him. A life without Sou-chan.

Miyuki: “Our time together wasn’t a waste, right?”
Souhei: “Yeah.”
Miyuki: “I’m glad.”
Souhei: “Miyuki, I’m sorry.”

At that the relationship ends as Miyuki begins to cry and Souhei clutches his pants.  Once the two have composed themselves, they get one more scene to bid-farewell and because I kind of like how they did this I’m using quotes again…

Miyuki: “Let’s part with a smile.”
Souhei: “I think it’s impossible.”
Miyuki: “This is where you should force yourself.”
Souhei: “You’re right.”

At the boarding house, Miku is just arriving home at the same time as Souhei.  She greets him and asks about Miyuki.  He apologizes for making her worry and reports that she’s doing fine.  Just as he’s about to go inside, Naohara appears and Souhei gives a lame comment on his yellow shirt.  After that, we see Souhei sitting down as Naohara approaches him with some games.  He tells him that right now he reminds him of his best friend in the game Love Rocket.  And that he’s just pretending to be fine even though he just broke up with his girlfriend.  Hearing that Souhei decides to borrow the games; which Noahara comments that if he was an adult he would’ve taken him out for a beer instead.  Smiling a bit Souhei tells him that it’s alright and instead if he can just listen to him for a bit. Which our little Otaku does.  However, he’s not alone – since Miku emerged and began eavesdropping too.

Souhei: “Even though I promised her. I wasn’t lying.  I really thought I’d never change. Even if I was forcing myself, I wanted to keep my promise.”
Naohara: “Souhei-kun, if people can’t change, they can’t move forward. In order to change, we get hurt and hurt others. We take in that pain and overcome it. That’s the adventure. In other words, it’s life. I learned that from Rurika.”

With that said, Souhei begins to cry after holding back his tears all day long, while Naohara pats his shoulder.  Crying herself Miku blinks her tears back and decides to leave the boys be,

The next morning we get to see Souhei and Miku coming out of their rooms stretching.  The two greet once another and just as Souhei is about to walk away, Miku offers to go somewhere with him. Including Naohara and Kiyoka.  Souhei automatically asks what’s up since Miku doesn’t normally invite him to do things with her and she confesses to eavesdropping.   Souhei teases her a bit before telling her that it’s alright, that he’s fine.   Their conversation is cut short though when his cell phone rings.  It’s his mom.

She wants him to come back and leave the boarding house!

What do you all think will happen?

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 **SCREENCAPS COMING SOON** This episode is going to break all the ships!  Well most of them.  If you remember from last week Miyuki finally confessed to Souhei and Miku about her old fling for Hayato.

At the start of the episode we learn that it was back in middle school, but he rejected her.  Hearing that Souhei asks her if she only has Hayato in her heart.  She tells him no and claims that whenever he asked her out, it’s only been him.  The reason she hugged Hayato that day at the bus was because she was uneasy and felt like she was losing him (Souhei) or about to.

Souhei, being the adorable-nice guy that he is, thanks her for telling him the truth.  The two smile back and forth and everything seems to be fixed…

All the while, Miku is staring straight at Souhei; Hayato looking at her as Souhei’s thoughts grace the screen: “I will be with Miyuki.  I’ve decided on it.”

With everything better we see Souhei walking Miyuki home as he asks her when she wants to go out to the movies they’d mentioned the other day.   They pick a date and as they walk Miyuki thanks him as she grabs onto his arm the rest of the way.

Back at the boarding house, Miku is out watering the garden upon Souhei’s return.  Finishing up she turns over and sees him entering the house.  She gives him a friendly pat on the back as she tells him that everyone’s already come back home.

He smiles at her as she welcomes him back and heads up the steps only to stop briefly when Miku begins to ask a question only to take it back in the long haul.

That night everyone is back sharing souvenirs from their trips.  Naohara specifically shares two rare cell-phone straps of his precious Rurika to Souhei – one for him and the other for his ‘real-life’ Rurika Miyuki.  Upon receiving it, he thanks him and then excuses himself from the table.   Miku’s parents wonder if he’s just tired, but Miku looks after him in concern, mostly likely recalling what happened the day before.

Once dinner is over we see Miku going out to her bedroom balcony and pulling up the blind that separated Souhei and herself.  With the blind up and out of the way, she jumps the railing and knocks on his window.   Looking up from his futon, she gets up and opens the door.

According to Miku, “The stars are pretty.”

Pretty soon the two are stargazing.  Anyways while they’re outside Souhei apologizes to her for everything that’s happened.  She tells him it’s alright and that she doesn’t care at all.

Just as he smiles she asks him “Doesn’t that tire you?”

Souhei looks over at her confused not really meaning what she meant, until she says “that fake smile.”  Dropping his smile instantly he slowly begins to look away as she continues on saying, “Even when I try to fake it, I can’t do it that well.”

He tells her it’s because she’s too honest.  Hearing that Miku tells him that it’s in his character to force it when he’s out and about, but there’s no need to fake it when he’s home.   She then adds that she knows he was just trying to be cool in front of Miyuki and that’s why he didn’t ask her things like: “Why didn’t you tell me about Hayato up until now?” and that even though he didn’t say it, he really wanted to.

Souhei denies it, but Miku keeps going teasing him as she says it’s written all over his face.  To that he tells her once again leaning in closer that he wasn’t thinking that at all.

Miku smiles brightly over at him before letting out a laugh.  At that Souhei lets out a smile of his own and Miku asks him if that smile is fake to and he tells her it’s not. With that said Miku lays down on the deck while Souhei glances over at her uncertain.

Out on the soccer field we get to meet up with Arata and Takeru again who are washing up.  Takeru just uses Arata’s towel before the two get into a water fight over their unrequited love lives.  You know Arata with Kiyoka and Takeru with Miyuki. XD  They also mention that Souhei rushed off because he had a date – which I believe is going to be the big movie date he mentioned earlier.

While Souhei is rushing to his date he stopped by Haruka. According to her logic Miku is only dating Hayato because she wants to make him jealous.  Hearing that Souhei instantly walks over to her and tells her that Miku isn’t that kind of person and that she’s the one whose misunderstanding.   Miku doesn’t have any kind of feelings like that for him.  With that said he takes his leave.

The movie part of the date is over now as we see Miyuki and Souhei walking back from it; the two casually discussing the film and looking over the movie pamphlet.  Miyuki however notices that Souhei got not one pamphlet but two.  When she asks him about it he tells her one is for Miku because she went with Hayato the other day and was saying about how she wished she’d grabbed one.  Hearing that Miyuki looks a little uneasy once again as Souhei insists that the two go get some drinks.

Meanwhile Hayato is working at his part-time job when Miku and her friends (Ami and Fumiko) happen to stop in for a visit.  During their stay there the girls take notice about all the young customers gossiping about Hayato which leads the two to ask Miku if she’s jealous.   She tells them not at all, which causes them to question her love for her boyfriend.  Especially when they mention how jealous she was when it came to Souhei.  And that if you love someone shouldn’t you be jealous?

Unfortunately, Hayato is close enough to eavesdrop.

Back to Souhei and Miyuki, the two are walking back from shopping.  Miyuki apologizes to him for dragging him around like that, but he tells her it’s alright because it was refreshing to see shopping from her a point-of-view.  Why?  Because according to Souhei none of the women at the boarding house seem like girls.  He says that Kiyoka is kind of western and Miku is like that.  And if he had to pick any of them Auntie (Miku’s mom) would be the most feminine.  However, upon hearing Miku’s name once more on their date we get see Miyuki looking a little down once again. At the café Miku and her friends depart and tell Hayato they’ll be waiting for him where Kou is.

As the two walk, Souhei soon asks if he should walk her all the way to the bus stop.  Miyuki continues on in silence, not making any eye contact.  Then, she finally speaks up and asks Souhei just how long he’s planning on staying at the boarding house.  When he tells her a while and asks why she’s asking she says, “Sou-chan you’ve become distant.”

Realizing what she’s getting at Souhei tells her that he feels comfortable there and that right now it really feels like home to him – and if she asked him to move out at that moment it would be really tough on him.  Miyuki nods slightly; clearly getting upset.

“That’s not what I’m trying to say.  Why won’t you understand?”  Hearing that Souhei tells her he’s not sure what else he can do.  Just to make her feel better he calls, texts, and even makes plans to see her on a daily basis.  But hearing that, Miyuki says that everything he’s been doing is for her sake and that it really isn’t want he wants to do.  So she’s forcing him.  Souhei looks down, his smile gone as he thinks over what she’s saying.

Hearing his silence she pouts as she says, “its fine already.  I don’t need your texts, calls, or dates!” and storms off.  However, Souhei doesn’t let her go just like that, he chases after her and grabs her hand only to have her rip away as she yells, “Were you only thinking of me the whole time today!?”

Once again Souhei remains silent.

“Were you only looking at me? Can you say that you love me overall? I can say it.  I love the Sou-chan who loves only me.  That way… I don’t love the Sou-chan right now.” That said, Miyuki dashes off and this time Souhei doesn’t move.

“Sou-chan it’s not fair.”

Miku is now making her way over to Kou whose practicing soccer.  She tells him that Hayato is supposed to come later and asks to accompany him until then.  Kou instantly agrees as the two begin small talk and kick the ball back-and-forth.

Meanwhile Miyuki is walking along the highway on the side of the bridge, still upset from her fight with Souhei. The screen shifts back to the Miku and Kou practicing as Souhei appears before them.  He smiles over instantly as he walks over to them upon Kou’s spotting of him.   He sets his things down and begins to play with them; just as Miyuki gives him a call.   Not getting an answer, she lowers her hand-phone and begins to cry. Hayato on the other hand is just arriving on the scene when he notices Miku and Souhei talking with one another.  Seeing them he walks off completing ignoring that fact that he said he’d be there.

Then, as a train passes below the bridge where Miyuki was standing, we see that Miyuki is no longer there and that the only thing we see of her is her hat falling from the top.

Anyways, the next morning Souhei get’s a phone call.  Apparently Miyuki never came home last night.  Hearing that he rushes out and grabs his bike drawing the attention of Miku and her father.  Miku instantly goes over to him – it’s here where he tells her that the two of them kind of had a fight.  Miku automatically thinks it’s the one from the other day, but he tells her it isn’t.  With that he leaves the boarding house and begins the search.

And that’s the episode for the week. Pretty good with the whole trouble in paradise for Souhei and Miyuki as well as Miku and Hayato.   Though that ending was a bit over the top.  .__.

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 Finally it’s here! I don’t know about you guys, but that week wait is killing me!  As you recall the episode ended with Miku and Hayato kissing for the second time while Souhei watched in the distance as he realized for the first time that he had potential feelings toward Miku. . . (It’s about time Souhei! >o< I’ve only been waiting for the last 7 episodes.)

Starting the episode Hayato bids Miku farewell as he begins to leave her after kissing her good-bye.  Realizing he’s out in the open, Souhei instantly ducks behind the closest car to him as he contemplates in silence as Hayato passes him by.  “What’s wrong with me? I have Miyuki. And she has Hayato”

With that he enters the house and is instantly greeted by a cherry Miku who rushes up the steps; while Souhei watches her after her as he recalls the moment he picked her up back in episode 5 as the screen goes white and his thoughts appear. “And yet I…towards Miku.”

Heading down the steps, Souhei is greeted by the sounds of Miku and her parents who inform them that they’ll be leaving the house to head out to Atami, which is a town that has a popular hot spring resort, for a few days.  Apparently it’s her fathers’ retirement commemoration.  Miku pouts a little saying that she’d like to go too, but her parents tell her sometimes they just like the two of them.  Souhei comments on them being so close, since you know his parents are divorced.  He likes it.  Miku’s dad then asks him to watch the house since they’ll be gone for at least a full day.

Just as he agrees Naohara steps out of nowhere and informs them that he too will be gone due to his play-offs for his otome games. XD The family awkwardly bids him fare-well (Poor guy.  He’s just too adorable).

Anyways after that Miku’s parents leave telling Kiyoka she’s in charge.  However, once they’re gone Kiyoka too abandon’s the two even after they practically jump her at the door.  Apparently she promised her boyfriend, you know that guy we never meet, that she’d go to a villa with him as she gives a little fake laugh.  To which Miku replies, “It’s not “te-heh”!”

Not quite understanding the problem the two seem to be having right away, Kiyoka tells them that people don’t get mugged often anyways so her not being there is no problem at all.  But, Kiyoka soon realizes what they mean.  The two are nervous about being home alone together! XD Smiling, Kiyoka pushes the two together as she bids them farewell.  Just like that she’s gone leaving only Miku and Souhei in the house.  The two awkwardly look at one another before putting some distance between them. (Omo they’re too adorable! I swear if Miku doesn’t get with Souhei I’ll die! Not really… I like Hayato too.)

Breaking the silence Souhei decides to call ‘them’ over.  Them being Arata and Takeru.   The guys talk about the boarding house and how nice it is and if there are still rooms available.  Hearing that there are Arata practically looses it as he fangirls over living under the same roof of his crush Kiyoka. (He’s so cute.  I love that he doesn’t care less about her boyfriend at all. Arata-kun fighting!) Meanwhile Miku is on the phone inviting Hayato over, since her friends Ami and Fumiko couldn’t make it.

He tells her he’ll come, after his part-time job is done.  That alone leaves Miku in smiles as she tells him to do a good job and that she’ll see him later.  Just as she hangs up Souhei comes in from outside complaining about how hot it is.  It’s here when Miku happily tells him that Hayato will also be coming later, at that Souhei’s smile fades as he looks over at her a bit distraught as his thoughts read, “huh?”  (Guess he didn’t like that at all. At least not as much as he would have in previous episodes. : / But then again… he is kind of his love rival now, isn’t he?)

Grinning and bearing it, he tells her “Oh really.”  Nodding Miku heads off.  However, she stops and turns back telling Souhei she was surprised since Souhei called everyone else but him.  Hearing that his thoughts go once again, reading: “Why? Why didn’t I call Hayato?”

Thinking of a reason he tells her he didn’t because he thought he would be busy with work, but Miku tells him he said it was O.K. However, that leaves Miku as the only girl in the house, which is until she asks him to invite Miyuki.  (Just the way she says it so excitedly killed me.  I almost feel like Souhei might end up being the second guy because he took so long sorting out his feelings! T^T)

Needless to say he does as Uzamiyu gives everyone ice cream as a gift in the next scene.  The guys excitedly take their own portions as Miku offers to help Miyuki take her things to her room, apparently she’s spending the night.   As the girls leave Arata teases Takeru by pretending to be his voice as he tells Souhei how cute Miyuki is and how much he hates him; which results in Takeru assaulting him, Arata. (LOL I love these guys.)

Upstairs Miku apologizes for not cleaning up beforehand.  Apparently her room is a bit messy.  Miyuki tells her it’s alright as she walks out onto the balcony and looks out at the same scenery Souhei sees every day.

Miku shrugs as she tells her the scenery isn’t really THAT nice to which Miyuki tells her, “It’s because you’re always seeing the same scenery as him.”   (Sounds like someone is a little bit jealous…)

Back downstairs the guys are teasing Souhei about the sleeping patterns and how it should be for the night, which include him with Miyuki and Hayato in with Miku.  To that Souhei modestly tells them no.  However before their conversations can continue much longer the girls are back and Miku tells Takeru and Arata they need to come with her to buy the food for the night.  The boys complain, but the go along.

During their shopping trip Miku runs into Kou, Hayato’s little brother, and invites him over.  In the next scene Takeru, Arata, and Kou are playing in the living room as Hayato arrives.  He looks over at his brother and scoffs as Kou tells him what’s in the fridge to drink. “Kou, it’s not your house.”

With that Hayato begins to follow Miku up the steps as Souhei and Miyuki appear.  Souhei offers a friendly ‘Yo’ however; as the two vanishes from sight he lets out a small sigh. Miyuki takes notice…  With Miku and Hayato, she’s taking his blankets to Souhei’s room.  Along the way Hayato stops and looks into her room, leaving Miku a bit confused as she walks back toward him and inspects her own bedroom.  She asks him if anything’s wrong and he simply says, “I thought I would be in the same room as you today.”

Frazzled Miku begins to stumble about with her words only to have him pat her shoulders affectionately and say he was only kidding.  Afterwards the big celebration begins as everyone bites into the meal – all complaining about how sour and spicy it is.  However, the party is cut short when Kou discovers he can’t watch the opening games in Europe on TV.  With that Kou, Takeru, and Arata all take their leave.  Outside Arata finally asks Hayato if he’s dating Miku seriously. Telling him Yes, Hayato looks over concerned and not really knowing where the question was coming from, that is until Arata tells him he saw him at the bus stop with Miyuki.  The day she hugged him.

With everyone gone except our main four they all decide the bathing line-up.  During the discussion Souhei teases Miku by telling everyone how scary she was when he first moved in.  (Remember how she like hated everyone because they were touching her things XD) Miku however denies it as Miyuki watches the two bicker back and forth.

Nighttime rolls around and soon the sleep over begins as Miyuki asks Miku if she can sleep over in bed too.    Once up there the two girl talk about their boyfriends, mostly how Hayato is Miku’s first and Souhei is Miyuki’s third.   And that Miyuki actually hated herself before she started dating Souhei.

Meanwhile Souhei and Hayato are having a similar conversation – not really.  About how Hayato was actually really scared about showing up today since it was his first group hangout.  But their topic eventually shifts to his relationship with Miku.  Once Hayato is asleep, Souhei stares over at him as his thoughts appear.

“I won’t betray Miyuki.  I won’t betray Hayato.  I have Miyuki.”

The next morning, Hayato is already up and in the garden when Miyuki greets him.  The two look out at the growing field as he tells her not to do things like that (meaning the hug) again.  Miyuki frowns and looks away before nodding over at him.  Just then Souhei appears in the living room where he can see the two clearly.  Smiling he heads outs… (Oh my… I have a feeling this is not going to be good for him)

Outside Miyuki apologies to him and says she wasn’t feeling right at the time and that she was wrong to do that to him.  However, before Hayato can say anything else we hear footsteps and see a confused Souhei looking from Miyuki to Hayato as he asks what the two are talking about.  Before they can explain Miku speaks up from where she was standing outside asking them if it’s true.

The two look down avoiding eye contact – their guilt getting to them. Looking over at her Hayato takes a step towards her and says her name; while Souhei looks too.  Biting his lip, Hayato replies, “Yeah.”

Both Miku and Souhei look away crushed as Miyuki finally speaks up as she looks over their hurt expressions. “I’m sorry.  I… I liked Hayato-kun.”

And then the episode ends with Souhei telling himself once more, “I have Miyuki…”

What a freaking bomb-shell!!! I had a feeling Miyuki really did have feelings for Hayato, I think I mentioned it back in episode 4 or something, so I’m glad we finally get to see that she really did like him and that the guy she was mostly talking about in the aquarium with Miku was him.  But… did you guys see Souhei’s face! He looked so heartbroken!  T^T Hopefully the week will move fast, I can’t stand it when they leave us hanging like this especially after dropping something like that on us. >o<

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 Opening up where we left off we see Hayato and Miku in a back embrace, while Miku asks Hayato if it’s alright for her to be there.  Smiling he grabs her arms and replied,“Obviously that place is for you.”

At the same time that Hayato and Miku are pretty much apologizing for all the drama beforehand, Souhei and Miyuki are doing the same – or at least Souhei is. With everyone back on good terms, Hayato asks Miku to be his girlfriend.  The two share between adorable smiles, as Miku replies with a positive head nod.

“I…Can I be here?”

With the start of a new day, we see Miku in giggles as she mimics Hayato’s “Be my girlfriend” in a manly voice while running about the room in a frolic.  Taking in her happy mood, Kiyoka and Naohara stare from the sidelines while Naohara says, “She’s leveled up.”

Realizing what he means Kiyoka runs into the room and bluntly asks if she does indeed have a boyfriend.  Smiling at the question Miku asked her if she could tell – before giving Kiyoka time to respond she nods her head joyously.  Just then Hayato sends her a text talking about the weather outside.  Thinking about what to reply with, she slowly gets up and leaves the room – her smile still plastered on her face.  With just Kiyoka and Naohara left in the room, Kiyoka says she seems way too happy.

Ready for school, Miku comes down stairs in her school uniform only to almost run smack into Souhei, who didn’t notice her either.  The two give each other a wide-eyed glance as they recall last night – you know where Miku totally got out of line about Miyuki.  Noticing the awkward silence, Souhei apologizes first only for Miku to retaliate with one of her own for saying such cruel things about his girlfriend.

Souhei tells her it’s alright, which leads us into more of Miku’s thoughts as she looks over at him, “Huh? I don’t feel my heart tightening.”

He tells her it was mostly his fault because he was a bit panicked at how Miyuki had been acting earlier that day.  Hearing that Miku asks if she was alright, which he replies back with a ‘yes’.  Relieved, Miku tells herself that, she see’s Souhei differently than before. (Possibly because she’s got her eyes on her new boyfriend now, Hayato).

Remembering that he left the party early, Miku tells him that they saved him some cake.  They talk about it a bit and how it might have become hard, telling her he doesn’t mind he shoots her a smile and heads off, while Miku talks to herself saying that his smile has lost its attractiveness towards her and that being friends with him is what’s right.

At school Miku, Arata, and Takeru are taking their final exam for their summer class – finishing it in no time Miku jumps up from her seat and begins to run out of the room.  Grabbing her attention before she’s out of sight Arata and Takeru ask her what time they should meet.  She tells them 2 o’clock at the karaoke place.

Reaching her destination we see her two best friends who are holding new clothes, make-up, and hair goodies.  Bowing to them Miku asks them to take good care of her today.

Jumping scenes we’re now with Hayato and Souhei.   Hearing the news about Hayato dating Miku he seems happy at first like any friend would be.  Smiling Hayato tells him it’s just like her said before, that to like someone, it’s nice.

Walking the hall of the karaoke place, a girl runs past Arata and Takeru.  The two look back at her as she disappears in the distance as they talk about how cute she looked.  However, something’s off she kind of looked like Miku after all.  Entering the same room Miku was just in the guys meet with the two girls who ask them if they saw Miku.  Realizing it was her the guys are shocked quite a bit.  Apparently, Miku is going on her first date!  Unfortunately, when the guys hear who she’s going out with they’re joy is soon replaced as they recall the hug they caught between him and Miyuki.

Jumping to the date we see Hayato waiting along some steps (not quite sure where they are) – he doesn’t wait too long though as Miku calls out his name from behind.  Getting to his feet her turns around and we finally get to see Miku all dolled up in a cute red and white polka dot pattern dress, curls in her hair, and an adorable little hair accessory.

From here the scenes jump around a bit from Hayato and Miku to Souhei and Miyuki. Hearing the news that Hayato and Miku are dating, Miyuki smiles and says she’s happy to hear it (though something seems off).

Back with Miku and Hayato, Miku tells him that she thinks she did a good job on the re-test.   Using her last name, he tells her that she can do it if she tries.   Repeating her last name she finally tells him that it’s all right for him to call her by her first name and that she’ll do the same for him.  The two agree and decide to practice.

The two have an awkward silence cross between them as their eyes fixate on each other.  After several moments of uncomfortable grins they decide it’s embarrassing and that they need to make it their goal for the day. (haha, I swear these two are just too cute!  I really want to ship them but I still like Miku with Souhei best).

Back with Miyuki and Souhei, Miyuki goes on to talk about how she’s surprised that they’re dating since she thought Miku liked someone else, especially since Miku didn’t really care too much when Hayato asked her out to begin with.  Hearing her words, Souhei thinks back to that night when Miku took hold of his hand and the time he picked her up outside when her fever was bad during the summer.  Snapping out of his thoughts, he tells her that she’s just over thinking it.

Back to the date we see Hayato and Miku walking side by side thinking of where to head off to next – just as their talking about taking a rest their hands touch accidently causing them both to stop in their tracks while Hayato tells her he’s sorry.

He continues on, while Miku slows her pace and holds her hand up to her chest for a bit while she thinks to herself.  Before we know it she’s running up to him – her hand in the same spot as she remembers the last time they held hands as well as the hand of her fated person.

“I…is it okay if I be here?”

Thinking it over she stops and calls out Hayato’s first name (since she’s been calling him Katagiri-kun this whole time) as she slowly holds out her hand for him.  Taking her hand we see a bit of nature flash between the screens, much like every time her fated person touches her hand as he calls her Miku.  Happy to hear her name from his lips she smiles happily while asking him to repeat at least one more time.  From then the two walk happily with smiles on their faces, and their hands in one anothers.

“The place for me is right here.”

Afterwards we’re back to Miyuki and Souhei who are walking along hand-in-hand as Miyuki spots Miku and Hayato on their date.  Pointing it out to Souhei, we get to see his smile fade as he looks over at the two smiling and laugh.  Miyuki finally calls out to them which causes the two to immediately drop their hands and stare of in surprise.  Miyuki waves happily at them and Miku soon does the same, while Souhei seems to be slightly depressed.

Joining all together we’re now in a restaurant with the two couples sitting across from one another.  Complimenting Miku on her appearance Miyuki says, “Girls become pretty when they’re in love, don’t they?”

Hayato agrees, while Miyuki continues the conversation about how she and Souhei were just talking about how great it was for them to be together.  Entering the conversation Souhei agrees.  With that Miyuki shoots out the idea about double dating again and asks Miku where she’d like to go.  Answering she chooses the Tokyo Tower, because she’s never been there.

Hayato doesn’t seem too excited about the idea and the two get into a conversation while the screen pans back to Souhei, who is watching the two of them from across the table.  Soon enough the dates over and the two end ups leaving with each other’s partners (so Miku with Souhei and Hayato with Miyuki).

Starting to walk home, Miku seems to be watching Hayato as they go separate ways.  Noticing her, Souhei asks what’s wrong and she says, “It’s lonely to say ‘bye-bye’ isn’t it?”  Which results in Souhei staring at her, a crushed expression on his face (Poor guy, but at the same time I can’t help but think he brought it upon himself – I mean Miku was pretty forward about liking him no?)

Feeling her eyes on him, Souhei finally restarts the conversation saying, “Its better when you’re just like usual.”  Meaning its better when she’s just being herself instead of getting all dolled up.  Hearing his words she tells him it’s because she wanted to put in some effort since it’s her very first date ever and that unlike him everyone else loved her look.

Hearing that he replies again with, “Miku should just say the way you are.” Realizing what he said though, he corrects himself this time by adding, “Because I think Hayato fell for you just the way you are.”  (Nice save…*sigh*)  Happy about his words, the two continue on home.

At the bus stop we see Miyuki sitting down and Hayato standing in silence.  Miyuki apologizes for the day before while Hayato tells her that he’s happy to see that she and Souhei have been able to makeup since then. While she also tells him she’d glad that he’s found someone to love.

Back at school we see Souhei getting ready to play soccer, while the water girl (still don’t know her name) is staring over at him with a worried expression.  Just then Arata and Takeru come bursting in cheering about how they passed the re-test!  Happy for them Souhei automatically asks if Miku passed as well, they tell him yes before leaving the room.

Going on another date, Hayato and Miku meet by a flower garden.  Upon seeing her he tells her that today it’s just the normal Miku.  Asking if it’s not feminine enough for him he laughs and says that it’s fine because he’s more comfortable with her this way – though he did like when she dressed up as well.

“It’s just like Souhei said,” Miku tells him happily causing Hayato’s smile to fade for a while as he asks if Souhei really said it. Back over to Souhei, we see him cleaning up the soccer field – he stops though and gives the ball one last emotional kick before getting ready to head home.

With their date ending, Hayato walks Miku home.  Miku tells him that next time really doesn’t have to take her the whole way home since it’s out of his way, however, he tells her that he wants to do it so it’s fine.  It’s here when he says that he really doesn’t want to be misunderstood and bluntly tells her that she’s the only one for him (Awww Hayato is  just way too cute!  No wonder all the girls watching this show are swooning!).  He continues to talk about how before he liked her we went out with all sorts of girls and that now he’s stopped it all and that the only girl’s number in his phone is hers.  Looking around, Hayato moves Miku over towards the mailbox where they’re pretty much out of sight from the rest of the household.  After that the scene jumps to Souhei on his way home (this can’t be good…well unless you’re a MikuxHayato fan)

Now that they’re out of sight, Hayato leans in slowly just as Souhei appears in front of the house – his feet stopping in their tracks as his eyes take in the scene that’s playing out before him.  Soon enough Hayato kisses Miku on the lips leaving Souhei crushed in the background as we see the nature scenes once again play out on Souhei as we finally get to see one of his own thoughts, “Could it be that I…towards Miku?”

And with that the episode comes to an end (and I don’t know about you guys but I was fan girling at Souhei’s thoughts, he’s finally starting to notice her – though I think it might be a little too late!)

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 Goodness it’s been awhile since I posted on here and I wanted to catch up on Sprout recapping wise.  So here we are at episode 6.  If you remember, previously, Miyuki rushed to Hayato and captured him in her embrace due to her own personal reasons.

While that’s going on we get to see a small glimpse of Souhei walking down to Miku’s room at the boarding house.  He stops right before her door and prepares to knock just as he recalls the words she said the night before. “I wanted to see Souhei’s face.”  Lowering his hand, he looks down and walks away without a word.

With that we cut back to Hayato and Miyuki, who are actually being watched from a distance by Arata and company- who automatically promise not to say anything about the incident they witnessed to Souhei.  Realizing what she’s doing, she lets go and apologizes to him while telling him to never let go of Miku.

Back at the boarding house we see Miku lying on her bed as she says, “There is only one love. But the direction of love isn’t just one way. Souhei’s love isn’t directed towards me. But after everything my love is still…”   While outside on the balcony, Souhei gazes over at her room.

After the drama theme song finishes we find ourselves in the classroom with Miku and Arata and company (It’s been so long I’ve forgotten the other young man’s name).  Anyways during the lecture going on Arata playfully tries to lighten the mood by starting a conversation about how Takki was a better teacher, however, it fails as both his friend and Miku ignore him.  Just as she looking out the window in a daze up pops a cheery Souhei calling out a small “Ya-ho” Upon seeing him she immediately looks away, obviously too embarrassed to really face him after their last incident.

Souhei’s smile drooping he makes eye contract with Arata while pointing to his watch – which I believe they were mouthing about getting out going practice soccer?   Maybe? Since Souhei was showing his watch while Arata was pointing at the teacher and apologizing to him.  With Souhei leaving, Miku finally turns to look his way as she watches his backside get farther away.  Just as she’s about to stop watching though, she notices Haruka (she’s the girl from school that likes Souhei and is in the soccer club)

Mikue quickly looks away as the girl stares at her before turning away herself to go chasing after Souhei. On her way down the steps she asks him, “Which one is your true love?  Miyuki or Miku?”

While he replies with a laugh and says, “Why does Miku’s name come up?”   Which Haruka tells him it’s because she knows that Miku also loves Souhei. But in her opinion neither girl is the girl for him.  Just as she’s about to tell him who is (you know her), she’s cut off when the couch comes looking for her; without another word she rushes off giving Souhei one last look before completely leaving him alone.

In the locker room (or possible bathroom not too sure) we see Souhei grabbing a drink of water and washing his face before looking out the window – while he thinks about Miku.  Realizing what he’s doing he washes his face some more.  Outside now we see him cleaning the soccer balls as Miyuki pays him a surprise visit.  She tells him she’s going to watch him play today.  Happy, Souhei tells her afterwards the two of them will go somewhere later and make plans for summer.

Just then Miku and Arata and Takeru show up; letting out a few jokes here and there about Arata’s unrequited love for Kiyoka.  While that’s going on Souhei asks Miyuki where she wants to go on their date.  She tells him the museum.  Remembering what they saw the day before the boys rush off to go change into their uniforms while Miku bids farewell to the couple.

While leaving, she stops though and looks back at them yearningly as she says, “I thought I would be able to be closer to him over summer break, but as I thought.  Next to Souhei is…”

Miyuki.  Just like that Miyuki notices her gaze causing Miku to give one more awkward wave before rushing off.  Miyuki finally looks away and asks Souhei is he thinks Hayato and Miku would work out because she likes the two of them and wants them to be happy.  Souhei replies “You’re right” but his expression seems a tad bit jealous and I think Miyuki notices that.

On her way home, Miku runs into Kou, Hayato’s little brother.  Apparently it’s his fifteenth birthday today so he was told he could go out and buy some good meat.  Miku suddenly smirks as the scene bounces to a frustrated Hayato asking his brother how things turned out like this.

Apparently Miku talked Kou into having a birthday celebration at her house.  Seeing Miku’s mother, Hayato apologizes for the intrusion however she tells him not to worry since she wanted to thank him properly for helping Miku study.  He tells her it’s really not necessary, but she insists because he’s like family since he’s Souhei’s best friend and all too.  With that she leaves while Hayato tells his brother he needs to repent as they wrestle with one another happily on the floor.

During the midst of their fun, Miku enters the room.  Noticing her Hayato instantly stops; however she tells him it’s rare to see him in such high spirits.  Which Kou replies with, “Nii-chan has his cute side too.”

(Awwee, I just really like those brothers; they’re so adorable >3<)

After that we skip to being outside again with Miku’s dad who is putting Kou to work in the garden while Miku and Hayato sit on the porch.  Trying to start a conversation Hayato tells Miku that her house is really relaxing and calming for him.  Which she replies saying that Souhei said the same thing when he first got there too.

Back at school Souhei is just getting done as he rushes over to Miyuki whose been waiting for him.  Apparently for their dinner date she wants to go to a hamburger joint, however, as they depart Souhei get’s a text message from Miku.   Reading it, it’s telling him about the party at the boarding house.   Upon hearing who the text is from Miyuki instantly frowns before putting on a fake smile as Souhei wonders why the party’s at the boarding house.

Looking over at her he apologizes and asks her if they can get hamburgers another time since its Kou’s birthday and all.  Miyuki stays silent for a moment as she thinks it over before she bluntly says, “I’m going home” and begins to walk away.  Souhei being the dense little guy that he is chases after her and says, “You wanted to have hamburgers that much?”

(XDD oh Souhei.)  She tells him it’s not that, but she’s not going to tell him why she won’t go. He calls out to her, but she keeps on walking while calling him an idiot under her breath.

At the house, the celebration has begun! Everyone in the house is enjoying the food; when Kou asks Takki just how old he is.  Apparently he’s 20; however everyone thought he was at least 25 since he acts like such an ‘old’ man.  During the party Souhei sneaks a glance down at his phone, obviously waiting on a call or text from Miyuki.

The cake is brought out and Kou looks at it excited, apparently it’s the boys’ first one ever.  Taking everyone’s advice to blow out the candles he does while everyone cheers and claps joyously; spitting out even more jokes at Takki.  During that time Miku and Hayato sneak glances at each other from across the table as well.

Just as the cake is getting cut, Souhei’s cell phone vibrates – it’s a text message from Miyuki.  She apologizes and says she wants to see him.  Realizing if he wants to fix his relationship he has to go, Souhei get’s up from his spot at the party and leaves while the family is discussing how to cut the cake for the number of people.  Miku, however, notices that he’s gone and follow suit.  She catches him on the way out and asks him where he’s going.  Souhei tells her to just make something up if anyone asks.

“Is it Miyuki?” she asks.  He tells her yes, however, Miku doesn’t like it.  It’s Kou’s birthday.  She asks if Miyuki just didn’t know that it was. Souhei looks down not knowing what to say.

Looking upset Miku says “She knows, doesn’t she?”  While the screen goes white and we see Miku’s inner thoughts reading, I don’t want to say such a thing.

However it just slips out as she tells Souhei, “It’s because she’s like this that people call her UzaMiyu”  her words cause Souhei to look over in shock as the screen whites out again and we read:

Just that, I only want to be with you…

Miku doesn’t stop there though; she keeps going saying, “All the girls say that about Miyuki.  It’s because she’s annoying that they call her UzaMiyu. She can’t read the atmosphere!”

Souhei finally speaks up telling her that everything she’s said has nothing to do with what’s going on right now.  He tells Miku he knows she’s called that at school and the other girls don’t like her, but he and she know what kind of person she is and that’s she’s been that way since middle school.

It’s here were we get a flashback scene to Souhei’s meeting with Miyuki.  It was in the school hallway where he overheard a group of girls talking about her.  Just as he’s about to move on, he notices her standing around the corner on the verge of tears as she listened to everything.

With the girls getting closer and closer, Souhei goes towards her grabbing her hand – the two run up the stairs and away from the noise.  It’s there where they were introduced.

According to Souhei since that day if he saw her in school he would talk to her. He then goes on to say that when his parents got depressed the year before, she was there for him.  And we get to see it through another flashback.  Where she approaches him on their walk to school.  Taking in his mood she suggests the two of them skip school for the day.  The two hide as a teacher passes by, but, soon depart on their skip day running hand-in-hand.

With that Souhei tells Miku during that time “She didn’t ask anything and she just smiled by my side.  It saved me. That’s why even if everyone in the whole world calls her annoying or hates her, I’d be her ally.” Miku realizing what she’s said about the girl looks down disappointed in herself as her eyes widen and we see her inner thought once again.

…I can’t reach him. With that we see him take his leave while Miku wallows in pity again saying that her love won’t reach him and that she’ll never be able to win again Miyuki.

Sitting outside, Miku is soon approached by Hayato who apologizes to her for overhearing everything that went down.  Looking at her he asks her if he should lend her a place to cry. And to just think of him as  stuffed animal costume. Watching as he gets up, Miku is smiling at him as she thinks.  It’s being conveyed to me.  Katagiri’s feelings…

The two don’t say a word as Miku rises to her feet and embraces him from behind.  Her thoughts reading, Is it okay if I stay here?

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 Miku reached out and touched Souhei’s hand affectionately as she mumbles out, “I wanted to see Souhei’s face.”

Surprised by her words, Souhei is dumbfounded – luckily though Miku realizes what she’s doing and instantly pulls her hand away apologizing in process.  “What am I saying?” she thinks to herself as she mutters another apology about calling him Souhei for the first time.

He tells her its fine and before things can get any more awkward Miku’s stomach grumbles causing the conversation to take on a lighter tone.  Amused by it Souhei grins and laughs while Miku thinks back to the fact that she has yet to eat dinner.  The two carry on in silence walking side by side until Souhei’s phone goes off with a text message.  It’s Miyuki.

Seeing the text from a distance, Miku’s eyes instantly dart up to Souhei’s face as he lets out a sincere smile reading it.  Seeing his smile, Miku thinks back to Hayato’s when he held her hand and how it wasn’t the same as her fated persons.  Frowning a bit she remembers the face he made when she pulled away from him – hurting him in the process.

“Love won’t go the way I thought it would.”

Running to school Souhei meets up with Hayato at the entrance and tells him he found Miku shortly after calling him.  Hayato smiles and recalls the two of them walking together after she was found; however, he can’t stop himself from asking if she said anything.  Hearing the words Souhei looks surprised as he thinks back to the night before, and the words Miku told him. Shaking his head he looked over at his friends and tells him, “Nothing much.”

Upon entering the school, Miyuki comes running over to him as Hayato takes his leave.  Apparently she’s worried about him because he didn’t reply to her text message the night before.   Remember it Souhei tells her that because Miku was missing and the house was fussing about it he just didn’t get around to it.   Surprised by his words Miyuki instantly asks if she was with Hayato.  Souhei tells her she wasn’t and that she made a stop on the way home and that she was totally fine.

Miyuki says she glad nothing happened to Miku, though she can’t help but wonder if something happened between the two of them (meaning Hayato and Miku).  The two continue to walk to class.

From there we switch over to Miku’s classroom. Grades are out with Takeru, Arata, and Miku all bummed out about supplementary lessons.  Chatting a bit, Miku suddenly says she has a good idea as the screen cuts back to the house. Summer is here.

Souhei walks out on the porch and is soon joined by Miku.  He goes on about how he’s going to play during the break, while Miku agrees only to be cut down by him asking, “Don’t you have lessons?”

Making through on his plans, Souhei goes and plays soccer with Kou and Hayato. During his time with them Kou asks him is he thinks Hayato will be able to ‘properly’ fall in love because he seems to build a wall to keep others out.  Souhei grins as he says, “He’ll be okay, because he found someone he likes.” – that and he tells Kou he’ll help him out too after all they’re friends.

He then tells him teasingly that if he has so much time to worry about his brother, than he should have more time to practice too.  Taking the hint Kou stands up grabbing the ball, just as they’re about to start playing again Souhei get’s a call from Naohara.

It’s tutoring time at the boarding house, which we can assume was Miku’s good idea from earlier, with Naohara and Kiyoka being the teachers.   Sadly though Kiyoka isn’t up to par on her teaching skills and is pretty much worthless.  Trying to cheer her up though, Arata begins to flirt.  He doesn’t get too far with it before Souhei and Hayato arrive.

Naohara called for Hayato because he couldn’t teach physics (which is what Miku did the worst in), and Hayato can.  Trying to help his friend, Souhei tells Miku that Hayato is perfect when it comes to physics; however, Miku just looks down without a word obviously still not over the other day.

Uneasy, Hayato tells Souhei in the hallway that he’s not good at teaching others.  Not taking it, Souhei pretty much tells him he’ll be fine and that if something happened the other night with Miku, he should try and fix it otherwise summer break is just going to be depressing for both of them.

Jumping to her bedroom we see Miku and Hayato sitting together in silence both with their faces down at their books and paper. Almost on cue, Souhei soon knocks on the door – with permission he enters bringing snacks and beverages.  He asks if things are good and Hayato says, “Not really good,” causing a small silence in the room.  Trying to ease the tension Souhei begins to look around as he starts talking about how this is the first time he’s ever been inside Miku’s bedroom (which if you remember from when he moved in, it isn’t true since he entered it to get scissors before.  Wonder if the writers forgot that?)

The small talk begins as Souhei notices a figure on one of her shelves.  Picking it up he tells her about how he has it too and despite it being ugly he can’t bring himself to throw it away.  Agreeing with him Miku begins to talk about the figure some more only to be cut off by him, after noticing that Hayato isn’t saying anything.  Thus, he tosses him in by saying he also has a weird figure in his house as well.  Thinking about it Hayato replies “The dog?”  Which causes Souhei to shout, “That was a dog!?” in disbelief.  Surprised Miku enters the conversation asking about it.  Seeing how it’s not around Hayato begins to doodle it on a blank piece of paper.

The two soon go off in their own little world while Souhei stands watching them for a few moments before taking his leave.

Once it’s just the two of them they suddenly realizing what they’re doing and both lean away from one another. Hayato asks if they can somehow turn back time, before they took the trip to the aquarium.  Looking around uneasily Miku doesn’t answer him but instead asks him why he’s so nice and why he always takes the initiative around her. Thinking about it, he responds, “Because it’s you.”

Outside Miku’s father is watering his garden, walking out Souhei kneels down and looks at a growing sprout in fascination. Chuckling her father tells him that the sprouting stage is the most import one because depending on how it’s raised its growth will change.

Taking in his words Souhei grins as he tells him that it’s the same for a person.  Just then Miyuki shows up with a watermelon her mother bought for them.   Sharing it with everyone in the house, they all gather and enjoy it.  Not eating her own slice, Miku gives it to Hayato upon request.

In the mean time Souhei is eyeing Miku with a smile that Miyuki seems uneasy about.

After the snack, Souhei and Miyuki go inside to play a game.  During the game Souhei continues to talk about Miku and how it’s fresh to see a girl who can’t study.  Noticing it, Miyuki messes up her turn in the game causing Souhei to wonder if something was wrong, even just briefly.  She shakes it off and tells him it’s nothing and they continue the game.

Meanwhile outside Miku is walking Hayato to the gate she thanks him for helping her and bids him farewell.  On her way back inside though something goes wrong.

A ways away on the bridge, Miyuki runs over to Souhei and embraces him.  He’s surprised by her actions and immediately asks her what’s wrong.  Which she retaliates with “Do I need a reason?”

He tells her no and she tells him that if he ever leaves her she might die (which makes me think she kind of has a feeling that Souhei is starting to like Miku – though she was a bit too dramatic).  He pulls her away and tells her that he won’t go anywhere and that he’ll always be by her side.

On his way back to the house, Souhei see’s Miku doubled over in the yard.  He instantly runs over to see if she’s all right.

Looking up at him she seems disoriented as she stands up only to collapse into his arms.  Scooping her up, he checks her forehead with his own which causes the two to share a glance into each other’s eyes.

She has a fever.  Heading towards the house he lays her down inside.  Just then her mother enters the room and asks what’s wrong.  Souhei immediately tells her that Miku has a fever and to take care as he begins to take his leave.  Keeping her eyes on him, Miku watches as he leaves only to turn back and give her one final glance just like her fated person from episode one.  The two lock eyes for a split second before they both look away.

Heading to his room, Souhei thinks back to Miku’s words about seeing his face as she sighs, “What’s wrong with me.”

Back to Miyuki, we see her waiting at the bus stop as Hayato appears. Asking her if she’s all right, he keeps his distance. Miyuki looks over at him with watery eyes as she rushes over and embraces him (Could he be the requited love she spoke of? And look at Hayato’s face XD).

The episode then comes to a close with both Souhei and Miku looking troubled about what happened.

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 This episode starts off with Miku ginning in the bathroom brushing her teeth – her mind stuck on Hayato’s confession.   Flashing back, we see the scene continued as Hayato tells her that she doesn’t have to answer his feelings right away, since he knows that she likes Souhei.

He does tell her that he won’t wait forever, but until she’s ready to give her answer he’ll be waiting.   The scene then jumps back to Miku finishing her teeth as she says that she was getting excited about her first ‘I like you’.  Because of that she runs into Kiyoka’s room where she’s greeted by an apology since Kiyoka bailed out on her during the day.  However, she tells her it was nothing and asks how her date at the beach went.

Hearing that it went well, Miku leaves the room and enters the hallway where she sees a topless Souhei who claims he’s going to bed.  At the sight of him her cheery mood begins to fade as she remembers Miyuki on the soccer field and her perfect timing.

“If only ‘like’ could overwrite ‘like’, I would be able to become happy.”

On the rooftop, Hayato tells Souhei that he’s confessed to Miku.  Souhei’s ecstatic about the news but instantly asks if he really likes Miku.  After all Hayato does have all those other girls hanging around him all the day.  However, he replies saying that when it comes to Miku, he really doesn’t understand himself.

“That’s what they call love,” says Souhei with a grin.   The two continue to talk and Hayato mentions that it’s only unrequited love – not know that he’s the reason Miku doesn’t like Hayato, Souhei says that Miku will come to like him eventually.

From there we switch to Miku and her two girlfriends as she tells them about Hayato’s confession.  Instantly after hearing that she won’t be dating him they freak out about how she’d dumb not to.  He is a popular guy at school after all and they even compare his confession to Miku becoming a Cinderella story of sorts.

Curious Arata and Takeru rush over asking about what they’re all talking about so seriously.  Teasing the girls toss the soccer ball out into the yard just as Uzamiyu shows up to retrieve it.  Giving it back to Takeru, she gives Miku a cheery grin as she waves over at her before moving on.

Walking down the hallway, Miku over hears a group of girls in the background whining about how Hayato told them that there would be no more dates, text messages, and phonecalls- and to top it off he has someone he likes.

Back on the roof, Miku interrupts Hayato and Souhei’s little powwow by accident.  The two of them stand up and soon enough Souhei is looking over at them as he asks if they’re free for the day.  Assuming they said yes, we skip over to an aquarium with Souhei, Miyuki, Hayato, and Miku – on a double date.

Hearing Miyuki’s words to hurry up, Miku runs a bit only to trip and fall towards the ground.  Both guys amused at her clumsiness smile over at her causing her heart to flutter – though which one she doesn’t know. Getting up they all rush off to look at the dolphins. Once inside Souhei and Miyuki run off by themselves leaving Hayato and Miku alone.

Hayato apologizes for having her come, because they’re both there meaning Himself and Souhei.  However, he wanted her there because it’s place he really wanted to take her to (Isn’t he sweet ^^).

Seeing some of the creatures inside, we cut into a conversation between Miku and Miyuki.  Miyuki asks Miku if she’s dating Hayato.  Reply Miku just tells her that she’s never really been on a date before and even if she did start liking him she’s not exactly sure how to act.

Meanwhile Souhei’s telling Hayato that he’s hard to understand sometimes and since this is the first time his friends ever liked someone he really wants to help him out.

Back to the girls we learn that Miyuki hasn’t always been popular with the guys at school and that she’s actually been rejected before (Wonder who that could be >.>).

“Since when did you start liking Miku?” Souhei asks as the guys are sitting down on the ground watching the fish swimming around.  Hayato says he’s not really sure but he started to get interested in her quite awhile ago – including before Souhei started boarding at her parents’ house.

Apparently he started liking her in April – with that we get sent back in time to where Hayato became interested in Miku.  It happened by the steps when her friends and her were talking about getting boyfriends and falling in love.  Miku claimed that she wanted an eternal first love – a boyfriend that would be her boyfriend forever because there’s only one love.  Hearing that, he noticed her.

He tells Souhei it’s because he’s not one to believe in that kind of love, that he grew interested in her.  It’s then when Hayato asks Souhei if he believes in stuff like that.

Naturally he replies saying probably not because of the way things turned out for his parents and that it’s to be expected, but a part of him does want to say that he’s different and that he can only have one love.  Just as the guys finish up, the girls come back into the room.  Instantly running up to Souhei, Miyuki soon drags him off to go look at a tropical fish – while Miku stares off at their backsides.  Glancing over at Hayato she forces a smile, however, he soon tells her that she doesn’t have to pretend around him.

With the date coming to an end, both Miku and Souhei go to look at souvenirs while Miyuki and Hayato sit outside.  Meanwhile in the store Miku and Souhei both reach for the same souvenir for Kiyoka and Naohara – realizing they’re getting gifts for the same people they decide to split the bill.

Outside, Miyuki asks Hayato if he’s found someone he likes and he says he has.  With that she says, “I might be a bit frustrated.”  Before we can dig any deeper though, Souhei interrupts the conversation as he and Miku leave the gift shop.  After that, Souhei and Miyuki leave the double date and had off on their own.

Miku and Hayato soon take a walk where they have some small talk that leads into Miku’s big question, “Why is it me?”

His response, “I don’t get tired of looking at you. Everything you’re thinking of shows on your face. That’s why even if you don’t say anything; I could tell what you’re thinking just by your face. And I thought, I want to watch you more.”

Hearing that Miku purses her lips and looks down for a second as her thoughts say, “I’m happy.”  Saying it out loud, Hayato smiles and asks if they should get going.  She agree and the two being to walk away while Miku is thinking…“Maybe… Katagiri-kun is my…”

Before the thought finishes, they bump hands by accident and Hayato holds out his hand towards her. Not really sure, Miku takes a few seconds to think it over before placing her hand in his.  The action leaves Hayato having a hard time controlling his smile, while Miku looks down disappointed as her mind repeats, “It’s not the same.”

With that she jerks her hand free stopping Hayato in his tracks.  Realizing what happened Hayato doesn’t give Miku the chance to apologize and asks if she’s good from here – meaning if she can make it home alone.  With that he leaves her.

“I hurt him.”

From then we see Miku walking around alone – while her family at home eye the clock.  Its 10 o’clock and she’s still not home.  Going to check Souhei calls up Hayato and asks him if he’s with Miku.  Not getting the answer he hoped for Souhei rushes out the door in search of her.

He finds her by 11 o’clock and scolds her for making everyone worry. Apologizing Miku goes with Souhei – while Hayato appears in the background watching the two of them leave together.

Souhei offers her the bike, but she doesn’t take it.  He asks if something happened between her and Hayato and Miku says it’s all her fault.  That she caused him to make such a face, because she’s the worst.  Souhei then goes on to ask if Hayato isn’t any good for her.

She tells him it’s not that he’s no good, but it’s because she wanted to see Souhei’s face.  With that she reaches out and touches his hand and thus the episode ends.

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 Skipping ahead from where the last episode ended, we start this episode with Miku thinking about the kiss between herself and Hayato via a flashback scene. The only difference between the ending of episode 2 and the flashback is that we actually get to see Miku push Hayato away almost instantly before running off.

Back to the present, Miku is continuing to shave some ice in a numbing manner as Souhei enters the room.  Ecstatic about the ice shaver (guess it’s uncommon for most people to have them?) he asks if he can have a try at it.  Nodding, he pushes Miku aside and begins to pick up where she left off.  The offer allows Miku some free time to recall what she saw on the street as well as in the school hall of him and Miyuki.  Frowning a little, we hear Miku’s confession to herself about her feelings for Souhei just as he finishes shaving the ice.

Looking down, Miku’s eyes bug out as she sees just how much ice he’s shaved and says that there’s no way she’ll be able to eat it all.  Laughing he tosses out the idea to split it between the two of them, however, he’ll have to eat his later because he has to head off to club activies.  Running off, Miku is left alone – her eyes following after him.

“I want to turn off the switch of love.”

At soccer club, Souhei and the rest of the team are hard at play in a scrimmage. Getting called together by the coach, we learn that there will be a game on Sunday which will allow both first and second year students to take part in.  Excited Souhei and his friends prepare to leave the field as one of his friends asks if Souhei can invite Kiyoka to come cheer for them.   The water girl (not sure of her name) over hears it and seems to look a little annoyed.

Back to Miku, we see her buying groceries around town.  Its here were we also get to see Hayato’s little brother, Kou.  He calls out to his brother from across the street how tells him that he was off today from club activities.  Distracted by the two’s conversation Miku looks away from the meat stand and over at Hayato.  The two lock eyes uncomfortably as Miku mutters, “Katagiri-kun” which captures Kou’s attention.

From there we jump to the three of them all sitting around talking. It’s here were we learn a little bit more about Kou, who is in his third year of middle school and a soccer player – he kind of idolizes Souhei.  Offering to get drinks for their snacks, Hayato leaves the two of them. With his brother gone, Kou asks, “Miku-san, do you hate my older brother?”  shrugging a bit, she looks down and says, “Rather than hate him, I really just don’t understand him.”

With that he laughs a little and says that he understands and that his brother probably did something rude.  Teasing a bit, Miku asks him if he’s a person who’s really good at reading people’s hearts and he says, “I’m mentalist Kou.” Afterwards we learn that Hayato isn’t good with girls and that he’s never truly liked anyone either.

Back to the boarding house, it’s dinner time.  At the table Souhei tells everyone about the match on Sunday and asks if any of them would want to go.  Kiyoka immediately agrees to it.  Not saying anything, Miku waits and listens as Souhei says that Miyuki has something at home and can’t make.  With that she nods her head in agreement.

“I hate myself for feeling happy for a moment.”

Getting advice on what to do, Miku asks Naoharu.  She tells him that a friend of hers likes a guy, but he already has a girlfriend and how her friend hates herself for liking him and is often tired because of it.  Thinking of love and jealousy like a game he replies that she’s tired a lot more because being jealous takes a lot more HP (health points) and that as long as she’s like that you can’t develop that character anymore.  Miku, desperate ask what she should do then and he replies with one word.  Reset.

Thinking it over on the balcony of her bedroom, she soon finds herself listening as Souhei enters his own balcony on the phone talking about Miyuki.  He smiles and waves over at her, but she doesn’t return it and storms off into her own room without a word leaving him befouled.   Once inside she plops down on her bed and thinks to herself, “I want to go back to the me before I knew love.”

Back at school we see Miku and her friends in their classroom. Arata continues to talk about how if Kiyoka comes to watch him play soccer, he’s sure that she’ll fall for him (Because that’s reasonable ^^’’).  Looking to Miku he tells her she has to be responsible and bring her roommate to the game.  However, Miku’s not sure herself if she’s even going to attend the match let alone be able to take Kiyoka there.

After that we jump over to Souhei and Hayato who talk about bringing Kou over to the soccer match since he’s into the sport – the conversation also leads to them talk about how he should attend their high school as well with Hayato saying that he can’t even study.   The conversation is cut though when Miyuki some running onto the scene.   Before she can get a word in as she approaches them, Hayato takes his leave.

It’s dinner time once again and we get to see Souhei’s favorite food apparently.  After the short eating scene we see Miku and her mother washing dishes while her mother gives her the idea to bring him food tomorrow at the match.   Miku tells her mom, it’s fine and that she’d not even his girlfriend.  However, that doesn’t stop her mother’s persuasion. (Oh my… that just sounds so awkward).

The scenes jumps back and forth between Souhei, who is getting ready for the match in the morning, and Miku, who is reading on up on bentos and remembering the fact that Miyuki won’t be at the game tomorrow.  Pretty soon we’re in the kitchen that morning and Miku and her mother are preparing a bento for Souhei.

Getting ready to leave, Miku spots Kiyoka in beach attire.  Apparently her and her boyfriend are going off to the beach and won’t be making the game leaving Miku the only one from the boarding house attending.

The game is getting ready to start as Souhei and crew run up to Miku who informs them that Kiyoka bailed to be with her boyfriend for the day which leaves Arata doubled over on the ground (Poor boy).  Just as the whistles blows, Takeru and Arata run off while Souhei begins to only to turn back and thank Miku once again for showing up.

Walking back to sit down, the water girl (from earlier) approaches Miku and tells her not to misunderstand and that Souhei is nice to everyone.  Not just her.  Sitting down bummed and a little confused about what just happened, her thoughts are interrupted when Kou and Hayato arrive just before the game starts off.

We get to see the game play-out a bit as Hayato gives Miku a quick glance.  The game soon breaks out with the score being 0-0.  Kou runs over and tells Souhei to make a goal in the second-half.   Meanwhile Miku begins to make her way over to him and just as she about to call out his name; Uzamiyu appears in the distance – a basket in her hand.

Miku stares off while Souhei no longer sees her and runs over to Miyuki.  According to her she hurried to finish her errands just so she could make the game because it was important to him.  Eyeing the two we get to see another one of Miku’s thoughts that say, “To come at this timing… It’s not fair.”

The game commences into the second half and the guys are playing much better than before.  However, Miku’s eyes aren’t on the game but instead on Uzamiyu – while Hayato’s are on Miku.  Just in time, Souhei scores the winning goal.  Total score 1-0.

Walking over to everyone after the game, Miku begins to get out her bento for Souhei however once again she’s upstaged by Miyuki who pulls out an elaborate bento filled with enough food for everyone – not to mention Souhei’s favorite food.

In a panic, Miku instantly says that’s she’s going to go because she has something she needs to do.  Once again Souhei thanks her for coming out and she takes her leave.  As she does so Hayato shoots her a concerned glance as she walks away.

“I’m like an idiot,” she tells herself as she continues to walk away from the soccer field. Looking down at her bento, she soon comes to a stop and decides to eat it alone.   Before she has the chance though, Hayato comes along asking if he can eat some because he’s hungry.  She allows it and he’s soon munching away while she apologizes to him because she normally doesn’t cry in front of others like she’s been doing.

“Her timing was too good.”

From there we move over to Souhei and Miyuki on their way back from the game the two talk about his victory goal and how everyone really enjoyed the lunch she made for them.   Miyuki goes on to tell Souhei how he’s a good person and that’s what people like about him.  Hearing that, he reaches out for her hand and pulls her in for a swift kiss on the lips.

Then back with Miku and Hayato, he finally apologizes for kissing her the other day.  She tells him it’s oaky because he ate the lunch – which means she didn’t have to carry back home for her mom and Souhei to see later.  But she’s also okay with it because she believes it meant nothing to him because he’s used to having girls kiss him – it’s like a greeting.

However he instantly tells her it wasn’t like that and that it was the first time he’s ever kissed first.  From there he goes on to say about how he asked himself why he did it and that he finally realized it was because he likes her and he confesses straight to her face.

Miku’s eyes grow wide and the episode ends with Miku’s thoughts saying, “My first like.”

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 All right, so if you guys remember right we ended with Miku realizing Souhei has a girlfriend.  Thus, this episode picks up with Miku and her friends walking the halls at school. All the while Miku goes on to tell them about how Souhei has started boarding at her house, and how he’s her fated person from the entrance ceremony, who she’s been trying to find.

After hearing the tale her friends begin to tell her how the story should’ve played out the night that he took hold of her hand on the porch.  The two girls spit out some cheesy dialogue which basically ends with, “We should go out.”   Hearing that Miku flashes back to Souhei’s face greeting Miyuki.

From there the scene changes to the boy’s soccer club where we see Souhei and some of his friends on the field.  According to his friends, he’s been hiding something from them.  Instantly remembering Miku’s words he tells them that it was Miku’s idea to keep the fact that he’s boarding at her house a secret, however, that’s not the secret they’re talking about.  Instead it’s Miyuki.  They ask if he’s going out with her, and he gives them a grin as he nods.  Their conversation is cut short though, when they’re scolded about standing around.  Taking the punishment of running laps, the three of them take off while a group of girls from the school stand around ogling them.

Meanwhile, Miku’s friends tell her she needs to move on, since her fated person already has someone else.  Not knowing how to, Miku pouts a little saying ever since that day she’s been hoping to have a romance with her fated person and live out a happy high school career.  Once again her friends encourage her to forget him and tell her from now on they’ll all go on group dates to help her.

“I need to forget about my unfated person,” she decides as she gives her friends a reassuring “Yeah”.  Just then, the three of them stop as we hear some girls arguing in the background.  Looking over we see Hayato standing amongst them.  Remembering him from the day before Miku turns to her friends and says, “Let’s go.”

While they’re walking she begins to wonder out loud just how many girls Hayato is currently dating.  Her friends agree that he’s pretty popular among the girls, but he won’t belong to anyone, which causes Miku to think back to the day before when he was about to receive a kiss.  Shaking her head, she abandons the memory and asks when they should set up this group date, just as Hayato looks over at her.  With her friends smiling Miku declares that she will get a boyfriend.

“I wonder where he is, my fated person.”  With that the opening theme song by Hey! Say! JUMP plays.

Back to the show we see that it’s nighttime and Miku is sitting downstairs in the kitchen.  She isn’t alone for long though as Souhei enters the room asking if she’s free this Sunday.  Completely forgetting that he has a girlfriend Miku instantly thinks he’s asking her out on a date!  However, her hopes are shot done soon enough when she learns it’s a barbeque party to commemorate everyone moving into the boarding house.  Smiling she says she’ll go.

Walking with Kiyoka and Naoharu, we learn that Souhei is running late for the barbeque due to an increase in his club activities.  They chatter about until Souhei finally yells out to them from a good distance away.  But, he’s not alone. Along with his two friends from soccer club is Hayato and Miyuki.

The barbeque is set up while everyone begins their own conversations.  It’s here where Souhei asks Hayato quite bluntly if there’s anyone he likes.

“I’m bad at real love,” Hayato replies shortly.  Laughing a little Souhei tells him while looking over at Miyuki, “It’s pretty nice, falling in love with someone.”

Following his gaze, Hayato eyes Miyuki first and then slowly makes his way over to Miku who is standing right next to her.  The two girls are cutting vegetables, when Miyuki looks over at Miku and says how happy she is to have the chance to talk with her again.  Not knowing what to say Miku does a little small talk dealing with the barbeque just as Souhei squeezes in between them asking if he can be of any help.

Miyuki declines his offer with a smile as he begins to tease Miku on the food that they’ve been cutting. Naoharu soon shows up with the pepper they needed and instantly stops in his tracks when he looks at Miyuki – who he soon calls Rurika (his otaku crush).

From there Naoharu goes into a spout about his favorite visual novel game Love Locket, his love for the character Rurika, and how Miyuki resembles her both in looks and personality.  Talk about an awkward barbeque.  During the meal Miyuki and Souhei hold hands.  The sight alone causes Miku’s smile to fade as she stares at it depressingly – while the two of them continue their little love chat.

Afterwards the scene jumps to Hayato sitting by the water away from everyone else at the barbeque.  Noticing him, Miku makes her way over to him and sits down next to him.  It’s here where we learn that not only did Hayato and Souhei attend middle school together, but Miyuki did as well.  Showing her interest in Souhei pretty obviously, Miku continues to ask questions like when the two of the started to go out.  Hearing the answer she’s depressed again as she stands up and looks over at everyone having a good time.

With the barbeque over, we head home with Miku, Kiyoka, and Naoharu who talk about how Souhei and Miyuki really get along well together – while Naoharu continues in Otaku mode.  Just as they set some things down, a phone is heard ringing inside one of the bags.  Digging for it., Miku pulls it out and answers it.  Apparently it’s Takeru’s phone.  Skipping to the next scene we see Miku getting on her bike to return the phone.

Jumping back over to Souhei and Miyuki who are on their way back we learn more about Souhei’s parents and their divorce.  Mostly just little things like how his mother was tense even before the divorce happened, however, Souhei’s main reason for not wanting to live with her was because he looks so much like his dad and it’s painful for her.  Souhei soon apologizing for talking about such a depressing topic, however, Miyuki instantly shakes her head saying that she doesn’t mind because she wants to know more about him and she is his girlfriend after all.

Right on time, Miku arrives on the scene just as Souhei reaches out for Miyuki’s hand.   Longingly staring at them, she soon looks away and down at her own hand, which she believes he once held.  From there the two continue to walk up the street hand in hand while Miku sheds a tear for her ‘unfated’ person – while she asks herself, “Why are there tears falling?”

After a heart wrenching bike ride we skip to that night where Miku and Souhei are sitting in the same room.  She thinks back once again to the first time she met him as she stares at his back.  Trying to start up a conversation, Souhei soon finds himself asking Miku to look after Miyuki at school.  He tells her that Miyuki wants to get along with her.

The next day at school the two girls run into each other in the bathroom, where Miyuki goes on to thank her for spending time with her and talking at the barbeque.  Just then some girls begin talking in the background asking if it’s Uzamiyu and how she really ticks them off (chances are they’re some of the girls who like Souhei).  They begin to enter the bathroom but stop after seeing Miyuki inside.  Eyeing them Miku agrees in her mind with an, “I think so too.”

The girls continue to talk as they enter passing Miku and Miyuki.  Trying to think of something to do, Miku soon finds herself taking her hand and telling her, “Let’s go.”

The two exit the bathroom hand-in-hand. However, Miku soon lets go as Miyuki gives her a teary eyed thank you.  Taking her leave we skip to the rooftop where Miku meet’s Souhei once again.  Concerned about her, Souhei asks if she’s alright, but, before Miku can reply Uzamiyu shows up and tells him just what happened in the bathroom.  Apparently it was the first time a ‘friend’ had stood up for her like that all the while Miku’s saying in her head, “You talk too much.” and “No.  We’re not friends.”

Hearing thanks from Souhei, Miku gives him a smile while saying, and “I don’t want to hear that from you, Narahashi.”

With that she takes her leave of the roof in a rush, as she bolts down the steps and smacks right into Hayato – tears in her eyes.  Wiping them away quickly, he asks if she’s all right.  Staying silent, Miku looks down as voices begin to make their way down the steps.  Taking her hand, Hayato leads her to the side of the staircase where they’re out of sight.  The two who came down, were Souhei and Miyuki.  Miku stares at them in silence while she tells herself that she likes Souhei even though he’s not her fated person.

Observing her Hayato finally leans in and kisses her while she’s off guard.

And that’s the episode! ^^ Who are you all rooting for? Hayato or Souhei?

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The episode opens up with our heroine, Ikenouchi Miku, looking down at her hand in front of the school. Deep in thought for a second or two we get flashed back to an event that happened three months earlier at the entrance ceremony.

Unlike the other kids, Miku is sitting outside on the steps in front of the school, her head down obviously y not feeling too good as she mumbles a few words. It’s then when a young man from her school shows up and offers her a hand.

Taking it, she tries to catch a glimpse of her savior only to have the sunlight cancel out his features. Getting to her feet, he walks her to the nurse’s office and lays her down. With her focus off, she continues to try and see just who the young man is that helped her out. Alas, the sunlight from outside continue to cascade him and illuminate all around him making him hard to see.

Watching him leave, the scenes jumps back to the present where she stands her left hand open, her eyes staring at it as she says, “My first love. My fated person…”

Running late, she runs off to class where she does more hand staring, which causes a few of her classmates to ogle at her. Just when they begin to make a few comments on her, Miku’s friends seem to enter the classroom. Upon entering they ask her if she thought of him again, her fated person. Nodding, her friends grin at her as they ask how she plans on fining him, since she never got to see his face. Blissfully, Miku responds saying that she remembers the feeling she got when he took hold of her hand and escorted to the nurses office. Hearing another bell, everyone gets up to go to workshop. Following along, Miku stands up and looks down once again at her hand, smiling.

“I’ll definitely meet him,’ cause he’s my fated person.”

Seeing how she spaced out once again, she’s now late to workshop and is running down the hallway. It’s there when she catches a glimpse of a young man and young woman down by the lockers – preparing to make out. Stopping in her tracks, she stares down at them – her eyes fixated on the young man in particular.

Locking eyes, he looks up at Miku completely ignoring the girl in front of him. Being caught, Miku looks away and walks briskly down the hall, while the young man continues to stare on in silence.

Meeting up with friends, Miku is caught off guard when a group of guys come up looking for her asking if she’s knows Narahashi Souhei, who we learn from her friends is the heartthrob of all the girls in school. Apparently he’s been looking for Miku. Not knowing why, a few of the guys suggest that it might be to confess his love for her since Miku herself seems to be well known and liked.

Not knowing who this Souhei is, Miku retraces her steps back to the lockers, where she looks down at the same spot where she’d locked eyes. Not seeing anyone, her thoughts are soon interrupted by a young man walking down the hallway, who stops and asks if she’s Ikenouchi. Answering him, we soon learn that he is Souhei from the soccer club, the same Souhei that had been looking for her. Surprised a bit, Miku bites her lip as she remembers her other classmate’s word about receiving a confession. We get a few scenes of Miku mentally preparing herself, only to have Souhei say that starting next week he’d be in her care.

Having no clue what he’s going on about, Souhei soon explains that he’ll be lodging in Miku’s family boarding house, which leave her even more confused as the scene cuts to the drama’s opening theme song.

Once it comes back, we see Miku sitting on her porch/balcony eating a Popsicle as we get another flashback of what we assume was what happened that night when she got home from school. It’s a flashback that involves her parents and how her father quit his office job because the company had too many people coming in. However, with his resignation he got a lot of ‘thank you’ money to pay off Miku’s college expenses. Understanding that situation Miku asks about the lodging. Apparently, a few of her father’s old friends asked if their kids could stay there. Taking up the offer, her parents go on about how fun it’s going to be living with 3 more people. However, Miku doesn’t share her parents opinions and instant rejects the idea saying she won’t be able to do it. In an attempt to persuade her daughter, her mother gives the details of Souhei’s reason for moving in. Apparently his mother just got divorced and where he lives now causes him to bike for two hours in order to make it to school. Still not agreeing, the flashback ends just as Souhei and friend peek out from the other room in the boarding house.

Walking out on the promenade, we get to see makeout boy again only this time we learn his name. It’s Katagiri Hayato and he’s here to help Souhei move into his new home. Recognizing him from before Mike lets out a small ‘oh’ and Souhei can’t help but ask if the two know one another. Without much thought, Hayato instantly replies with a no causing Miku to look away.

Trusting his friend, Souhei asks her if she has any scissors, however Miku is taken back by his informal speech, such as calling her by her first name when they really don’t know one another well enough. However Souhei doesn’t catch it and insists that she can just call him Miku, as he barges into her room looking for the scissors, finding them – he takes them. Jumping up at his action, Miku calls out meekly, those are mine. Looking forlorn Miku doesn’t go after him.

Once in his room unpacking Souhei asks Hayato once again if he knows Miku, because of the fact that when it had been decided on where he was going to be living Hayato had said, “Ikenouchi’s house” However, Hayato plays dumb and denies.

Their conversation is cut short though as a “Help” is called out from down stairs. Enter roommate’s number two and three. According to the young woman who was screaming for help a creepy man was following her. However, we soon learn that his name is Takigawa Naoharu and he’ll be boarding there. Happy to hear he’s a good person, roommate number two, Taneo Kiyoka welcomes him while introducing herself. Before Miku can say a word, Souhei introduces everyone else in the room. Bowing, Naoharu drops one of his bags revealing his otaku nature with his otome game crush Rurika.

From there the scenes changes to that night during dinner when Miku’s parents welcome everyone to the Ikenouchi boarding house. During the dinner, Kiyoka pulls Miku over towards her and asks, “Which do you prefer. The cute type or the cool type.” Clearly talking about Souhei and Hayato. Paniking, she replied with neither of them which leads Kiyoka to look over at Naoharu with a smirk as she asks if she prefers that type.

The party soon moves outdoors as they all, except for Miku, play with fireworks. Noticing her sitting by herself Souhei walks over to her and asks if she’s not going to join them. Not saying a word, she gets up and walks away.

It’s now the next day and Miku is one her way to wash up when she bumps sleepily into Souhei who just got out of the bath. Darting out of his path, he walk by her without another word (other then oops sorry). However, her morning doesn’t stop there. Opening the bathroom door we encounter Naoharu on the toilet. XD

Despairing over her new roommates, Miku tells herself she can’t do it on her way to school. Her thoughts are interrupted though when Souhei and Hayato come running up to her, saying how they should walk to school with her since Souhei is living together with her. Right away people start talking and giving her cold stares. Ditching the guys she runs up a head and goes to school.

Once at school we get to meet another new character “Uzamiyu” as she’s called by her classmates. Miku also hunts down Souhei to tell him not to tell anyone about their living arrangement because she doesn’t want to make enemies with the girls at school or be known as “Uzamiku”. Not really understanding why, Souhei agrees to go along with it.

It’s now night time and Miku goes to get a drink. However, her cup is missing. Once again the tenants (Souhei) are using her things without her permission. Just as he walks into the room with it, a crash is heard in the other room. Running out we see broken glass on the floor with Naoharu sitting down beside it.

Freaking out, Miku tells him that it was something her dead grandmother took really good care off, which makes the poor guy feel even worse. But it doesn’t stop there as Kiyoka walks out with a Popsicle, which Miku also claims as hers and how she was looking forward to eating it.

Dinner is silent, as everyone shoots glances at one another while Miku sits pouting. Her parents though insist that Miku isn’t angry at any of them anymore. Sitting down her chop sticks, she mumbles that it’s all her father’s fault for making a boarding house without even asking her how she felt about it. Getting up she leave the room, shortly after Souhei tells her parents that he’ll be right back and leaves as well.

From there we get some scenes of Miku crying in her room while Souhei is riding his bike, quite determinedly. Hearing a wind chime, Miku walks out on the porch and finds Souhei lying down exhausted, while a new wind chime like the one she freaked out about earlier (the one that got broken) hanging up. Apparently, he biked all the way home just to replace it because having one is better than having nothing as he says. Agreeing, she sits down next to him.

Souhei apologizes to her for having to live with a bunch of strangers, but tells her that it’s really helping him out since his parents’ divorce and all. He also believes that being there is good for everyone, not just himself and that he’s hoping Miku will stick it out to the end with them.

Smiling, she tells him she’ll go get some tea if he’ll drink with her. Agreeing, Miku goes to get up and ends up falling off the porch. Asking if she’s alright, Souhei holds out his hand to her and she takes it. The feeling hits her and she flashes back to that day three months ago. “This hand. It’s the same.”

Snapping out of it, she jumps up and runs inside to get the tea. All the while she’s wondering if her fated person is Souhei. Returning to the porch, the two sip tea with smiles on their faces.

“I found you, my fated person.”

The next morning, Miku goes and apologizes to her father about her sudden outburst the night before. Accepting it, she runs off only to find a young girl in their school uniform at her house; it’s Uzamiyu (Ozawa Miyuki). Apparently she’s came to pick up Souhei (who she calls Sou-chan).

Coming out of the house right on que Souhei smiles happily as he informs Miku that Miyuki is his girlfriend. Eying her up and down, Miku repeats the word and decides that God is bullying her.

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