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 ** SCREENCAPS COMING SOON ** This is it guys.  The finale!  And what better ways to start off an episode than with a time skip.  That’s right; we officially advanced one year in the storyline.

According to Miku it’s been a full year since Souhei left the boarding house.  And that if you asked her what went on in that one year gap, she’d have nothing to point out because nothing happened.  With the episode starting up we get to see Miku a year older and trying out a new hairstyle as she rushes off to her first day back to school after the summer’s end.

Right away the school year starts off with a love confession which Miyuki kindly rejects; to the joy of Takeru of course who just happened to be watching from the side-lines.  He and Arata get into their normal routine of teasing one another as they talk about their love plan confessions or at least Arata’s.  Apparently it consists of him getting a perm.

Back to Miku and her friends, the girls are chatting away when Hayato and Souhei cross their paths – the boys greet them (mostly Miku) like they would any old classmate without another word and Miku does the same as they keep on walking – not evening bothering to look back.

Out on the soccer field, Souhei has become team captain and makes a speech, and we get a glimpse of Kou – he made the team!

Once again with Miku and company, we find Miku teasing Ami about being all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend in a text message.  That conversation alone starts a whole other one on Miku being alright with not wanting a boyfriend.  She says its fine, but Fumiko tells her it’s just because she can’t forget her fated person – Souhei.

Just as they bring up the meeting, Miku stops and looks at where she is.  The stairs she’s at is right where she met him – her fated person.  It also happens to be the steps that lead to the soccer field where Souhei is currently playing.  Her friends try and cheer her up by telling her what she said one year ago, that having an eternal first love was a good thing.  However, Miku tells them she was mistaken.  Souhei wasn’t her fated person and that’s why even if she loves Souhei, she won’t be reunited with him.

Down on the field, Souhei notices Miku and her friends and is slightly distracted by them – until Arata calls out to him drawing him back into the game.  Afterwards when Takeru and Arata are cleaning up the two begin to wonder if Souhei really has been liking Miku this whole time – since he broke up with Miyuki and refused to date anyone afterwards.

Meanwhile, at the boarding house it seems like they’re getting ready to hold a one year anniversary party/cook out for the tenants.  To Miku’s surprise when she arrives home, Souhei’s bike is outside the house and he’s sitting right there at the table with everyone else.  Apparently Naohara called him over for the food. Happy to see him Miku kind of lingers around as her thoughts read:

“Souhei is right here. Even if it’s just that, I’m this happy.”

As her thoughts vanish, the sound of the wind chime rings out and Souhei glances over at it a smile on his face as he says, “You put that up this year too.” Which Miku replies with a head nod and massive grin.

However, the party ends soon enough and Souhei prepares to leave.  Grabbing his bike he walks slowly almost as if he’s waiting as he looks back at the door of the house.  When it opens and Miku comes running out it almost looks like he left out a breath he’d been holding in.  Reaching him she tells him she’ll walk him out.  He tells her she doesn’t have to, but Miku is persistent.  The duo walks slowly as they catch up on small talk – very small talk.  Mostly about Souhei getting captain on the soccer club.

Miku:Even though there should’ve been a lot of things I wanted to talk about, the words wouldn’t come out really well.

Reaching their designated pole of separation the two come to a stop as Miku comments about how this is the first time she’s walked him out to where they’re going to different homes.  Souhei smiles and says, “It is” before bidding her farewell and riding off into the distance.  Watching him like she often does, Miku’s thoughts kick in once more.

“We can’t go back to the summer when Souhei was here.”

The next day Miku runs into Miyuki on the way to or from school.  Seeing each other the two girls meet up and decide to sit down for a talk – once they haven’t really had in quite awhile.  And what better way to start off a conversation than Miyuki asking flat-out, “Miku-chan, you still like Sou-chan don’t you?”

Miku’s eyes bug out a little as she let outs an “Eh?” before the scene cuts over to Hayato and Souhei in the gym and a similar question – this time aimed at Souhei:  “Why won’t you go to Miku? You like her right?”

From here the scenes bounce back and forth between the girls and the guys each with them asking similar questions like – Would you mind if Miku/Souhei dates someone else?  As well as trying to push them in the right direction – to each other since it’s so obvious they’ve both been waiting for each other.

Miyuki:  “Why do you think Sou-chan broke up with me!”
Hayato: “Let me be glad that I broke up with Miku.  If she can’t become happy then I can’t.”

At that, Miku smiles over at Miyuki nods her head and grabs her bag before running off.  In the gym, Souhei does the same.  As Miku runs, we get a flashback to her memories of Souhei the year before.  Reaching the school she runs across the soccer field and begins to go up the steps, but she trips and scraps her knee.  Sitting down she examines it, and while she’s there a familiar hand reaches out to her just like before. It’s Souhei.

Hesitant, Miku waits a little before taking it.  Hand-in-hand he pulls her up to her feet and the two stare over at once another in silence their hands not letting go.

Miku: “I like Souhei.  I’ve always liked Souhei.”

Hearing the confession Souhei pulls her close and replies.

Souhei:  “Miku.  I like you.  I like you, Miku.”

The two smile as they continue to hold one another before finally pulling away as Souhei grins happily as he says, “I’ve finally said it.”

Miku: “My love and Souhei’s loved overlapped for the first time.”

After that the credits will go, but if you keep watching you’ll see more Souhei and Miku interaction as well as some final thoughts that read: “No matter when, I will never let go.  If it’s now I can strongly put it in words.” and you’ll also see one more that reads: ”My fated person…’

And that’s Sprout guys!  Can’t believe it’s finally over, but I’m really glad at how it ended. I mean I’ve been shipping Souhei and Miku the entire time, so I’m so glad they ended up together in the end. 

Though the one year time skip was kind of lame and pointless – especially since Miyuki said how the  two of them pretty much stopped time at that 1 year so it wasn’t like they were bettering themselves...

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